What are your corgi names? and their nick names?

My corgis are Mocha and Vienna, we named them after coffee drinks, vienna is actually a blend of turkish coffee :)

Nick names:
harry butt, bunny butt, miss fatty, mocha latte, frappochino, vienna sausage, fat rabbit, double mint twins (when they're together)

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I named JD after John Deere (i love the tractors, i have a john deere kitchen. lol) but some of my friends think its Jack Daniles cause he is black and white.

Spoiled, Puppy dog, Piggy, short stuff, big baby, big ears, snoop, trouble maker, lol, and most of all Mama's boy. as well as a few others
My little one is Gambit, after the X-men and one of my favorite comic characters.

His nicknames are fluffle-butt, fluff-a-luff-a-gus, pooh bear and Gambie-pooh. :3
Our corgi is Bobby, short for Bobby the bulldozer, because if you get in his way he just barges through like a bulldozer
Cardigan names:

Edward, AKA Mr. Edward, Mister, Giant Boy

Myrtle, AKA Myrtlelicious, Puppy Girl
My corgi's name is Newman. We call him "The Newmanator."
Our Corgi's name is Cupcake

Nickmames: Cups, Mooch Mouse (likes to give kisses), Cupperdoo, Cupper duppers, punkin, Cupperdoodles, etc..
Lucy was named after another comic redhead & it was the only name she answered to. As a puppy she was both Lucy and her alter-ego Lucifer. Now is is Lucy Lu, Little Lu, LuLu, Luce, Lucibelle. Her official name is Nebriowa Lucy in the Sky.
Our corgi is Burke, but he rarely gets called that unless he's in trouble.

We call him butt, burkenstock, stock, buttenstock, dr. buttenstien, burkenstien's monster, munchkin, muppet, buttmeister, das butt, lord of the butt.
hahah.. this discussion is hilarious.

Rocky is our corgi and we really change his nicknames all the time (but somehow he can always figure out when we are talking about him!)

Nicknames: Rockstar, Rockman, Rocket, Mister, Rocketpants, Corgiface, Turkeyface, Turkey, Lovebird, Littleman, Lowrider, Little Lion, Pumpkin Butt
Our little guy is Linus. It was the first name we agreed on and we both love Linus from the comic strip Peanuts. Our Linus even has his "security blanket"!

He's only 3 months and we've only had him for a week, but he already has several nicknames:

Liney, Liney Butt, Liney-Us, Bunny Butt, Little Man, Pup/Puppy, Bud/Buddy, Poop Monster, Poop Machine (he poops a lot, lol!), Fuzz Butt, Fuzz Bucket, and others I'm sure I'm forgetting!
My corgix's name is Howie. He was named by his foster mom after a football player, Howie Long. When I'm scolding him I call him Howard haha! Otherwise, some nicknames I call him are sweetheart, baby, Mama's boy...
My corgi's registered name is Putnam Lasting Lullaby, but she's pretty much on the books everywhere (groomer, vet) as Rogue. Usually I call her Roguie, but other nick names include: fuzzy butt, pupalupticus, fluffy butt, fluffer pupper, fluffarina, ms snorkie-poo, snortybarkfart, poopy butt, snorkle pup, and ms woops,


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