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In 2002, My wife and I filled out an application for sunshine rescue, at that time we were living in a condo. several months later, we were contacted by Paul Drake - rescue worker, he gave us an interview. several months later, we were contacted twice for 2 separate rescues. My adoption experience with sunshine rescue was very positive, they try to match you and your environment with the best corgi. Highly Recommended.
Sunshine Corgi Rescue is rapidly approaching 100 corgi's for 2008. It takes alot of volunteers and dedicated people to take care of, retrain and rehome that many corgi's in one year. We are always looking for volunteers.
We have a puppy right now but it is something I would love to do in the future.
Nicola: That's great! We'll be here when you're ready, there are other volunteer work that you can do as well, for example Bill is our transporter, he transport corgis. My wife and I are foster parents, we take in corgis, evaluate them and when a suitable applicant arise, we sent them to their forever home. We also do home visits, interview the applicant and make sure the new home fits that special corgi.
Well Sam I can do all that other stuff too and would be honored. Any particular person to email?
Excellent! Contact Sam Bates our rescue director, here's her profile, you can message her there for more specific questions.
I've been trying to work on my husband about volunteering to be foster parents. How long do the dogs usually stay with foster parents? How much of the cost of care is paid by the foster family? I would like to help, but I can't take care of a puppy or a dog that has problems. I have a mature Corgi who is set in his ways and master of the house. We dog-sit for a friend's very energetic cocker spaniel. They get along great, but my house is definitely not the same while she is visiting. If an older, lazy dog needs a place to crash for a few weeks or so, I think my household could handle that since we already have one. Would that type of help be beneficial or do you guys need more?
Brodey's Mom: It can be as short as 2 weeks, our last one was a sweetheart, he was only with us no more than 3 weeks and he's off to his new home :) Our rescue try to get the original owner to complete all the shots before surrendering, so that keeps the cost very low, sometimes the dogs come with food, crate and other things already, so all you need is a kind heart, patience and room to love :) Our director Sam Bates is very good at matching the right corgi for the foster and applicant, fill out an application and you can message her here


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