Does anyone know why Monty will be soundly sleeping and just pop up and start howling like a wolf at a full moon? This happens both in middle of the night and during the day and just started in the last couple of weeks. At night I will take him out and he goes potty then comes back in to go to sleep only to wake up again a half hour later and do the same thing. We haven't slept past 5am for the past two weeks. He also does this during the day. Sometimes it is when the neighbor dogs are barking but other times it seems like he is woken from a nightmare or something? I am working on the "no barking" command that I have seen post on this forum but it just seems like he is nervous or scared or something and I don't want that for him.

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My Corgi is about 14 weeks old and has done the same thing since we brought him home. Nothing new happens in his environment to make him afraid, he just shoots up, barks and howls- almost like something just grabbed him, and goes back to sleep after a little love.

I hope you find a solution soon, it's never fun to watch a puppymare take place.
Wow, I've never had this experience with Theo. I'd say if he's sound asleep before it happens maybe he's reacting from a nightmare or something. Sometimes Theo will bark softly in his sleep when he's having a nightmare, but he's never howled.
Monty may be responding to some stimulus of which you are unaware: an animal or sound you can't hear? If the howling behavior is different from his behavior when alerting to a visitor or surprise, then this is something else. If it coincides with other dogs' barking, they all might be responding to the same stimulus.

But there could be some sound, electronic? machinery? aircraft? outside your range of hearing.

Could be a dream ( I can tell when Al's dreaming if my hand is on his face; I feel the eyeballs moving in REM sleep).

It could be a fairy. You know that corgwyn are a gift from the fairies, and frapping (Frantic Random Acts of Play) are when the corgies are giving a fairy a ride.


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