I am the owner of an 8 1/2 year old male corgi who began twitching and flinching in response to noises and/or changes in light such as a hand passing over the head.  These twitches are called Myoclonic Jerks and are consistent with a late onset hereditary neurodegenerative disease called Lafora Disease.  Lafora is rare in corgis in the U.S. but not uncommon in UK corgis (and other breeds in the US).  My male's littermate is also experiencing these symptoms, and sadly my female, his half-sister (same mother), age 7, has begun the same. 

Does anyone have a corgi or know of a corgi experiencing these symptoms that would be willing to share information?

Lafora reportedly is untreatable and eventually leads to blindness, dementia, and neurological decline.

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Sally...I am so sorry to read this.  I have never heard of it until now.  Many prayers for you and your corgis.

I also wanted to say that if you have a FB account then post this on My Corgi's FB account.  Seems more people are using that then here lately.  Which is a shame..not everyone has a FB account.

Sorry to hear this. I never heard of the condition before either.

That is alarming. Did you acquire your dog from a breeder? If so, you should let this person know. Responsible breeders try to avoid breeding lines that pass hereditary diseases, but with something this unusual (in the US), they need to know the disease has developed.


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