My husband and I have a female Pembroke Welsh who 9 months old. To keep it short, we can’t tell if she’s overweight or not. My parents have made comments recently that she looks chubby (although they’ve only ever owned Golden Retrievers). 


Some details:

  • She eats twice a day that totals a cup and a half/per day (her dog bag says 3 cups but I’m not sure that qualifies for corgis).

  • Her food is Simply Nourishing Puppy Food

  • She gets moderate exercise a day. Usually an intense play session in the morning and a mile walk at night. She is constantly active with our cats and toys any other time though.

  •  She’s crated up to 6 hours a day at the most. She’s crated no more than 2 hours on weekend days.  

  • As of today, she weighs 26.4 pounds


Everything we read says she should have a taper from her belly to her hips and she does have that but her shoulder area almost looks like it has rolls (my husband think it’s an illusion because her fur is lighter there). She also has A LOT of fluff in her shoulder areas. Our instructions from a breeder say she should get a handful of food twice a day until she’s a year. This equates to the cup and a half (my husband’s hand is used). When we look online it says an adult corgi should get 1/3 to 3/4 a cup of food a day- which is a far cry from what she’s given even though she’s only 9 months. I see a lot of conflicting amounts for puppies at this age.


This is our first corgi and (I thought) we did our research but my parents and some friends have been saying she’s pudgy. When I called the vet, he told us we should be able to tell by looking at her. Kind of but….I really don’t know exactly what she should look like. I’ve seen skinny corgis and I’ve seen bigger corgis. She’s skinny in the back but looks chubbier up front. I've asked a few girl friends (thinking maybe I'm just used to how she looks) if they think she looks chubby and they said no.


Is weight the only way to tell if your corgi is overweight? How much should we be feeding at that age?


Any help is appreciated. I'm hoping some fellow corgi owners can give us some insight.


I’ve a attached some recent pictures as well.

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Do you have any photos of her standing to the side?  It's not really possible to tell her body condition from sitting photos.

Hi! Yes. Let me know if this doesn't work.

You should be able to feel her ribs when she is standing. I don't know what kind of dog food you have but my Corgis have always maintained a good weight at 1 cup per day, I feed 1/2 cup twice a day. Dog food companies want to sell food and make money.

Also depending on the body size but a "normal" corgi should be 25-28pounds fully grown.

It's really hard to tell by the pictures, but the first one makes me say she's a bit overweight. You need to be able to feel the ribs, without much pressure. Java is 8 months and weighs about 18,7 pounds. The breed standard is 26,4 pounds adult size. So either your corg is too fat, or she's just a big corgi. Java gets about 100 to 120 grams a day depending on how her ribs feel. She started getting fat at 6 months so she got 100 grams and now we're back to 120 because she needs more.

Thanks! When I run my hand down her side I can't feel her ribs but if I put a little pressure I can. We're going to start cutting her back to a cup a day for now and see how it goes. I just feel bad because she always acts like she's starving!

Haha I guess that's a bit of a Corgi thing. If she seems hungry and you want to give more, you could try giving her some cooked green beans with her food. They're to make her feel like she's full but she doesn't get fat from them.

Good idea. Thanks!

Oh the amount you have to give also depends on the food ofcourse.

I've never had a corgi puppy but as others have said you should be able to feel her ribs under a thin layer of fat.  But corgis come in many sizes, others have given you the standard.  My Max was a very large corgi, his best weight was at 37lbs and you could feel his ribs once you got under all the fur, he was a fluffy.  Katie, at 13, runs 26-27 lbs and is actually very petite.  Brady is also a large corgi and runs 30 lbs. 

Her coat at the shoulders does have varying shades and appears thick which could give the look of being rolls.  She has considerable chest fluff so she may have what they call a glamour coat.  I bit longer than a standard coat but not a fluffy. 

Mine are adults and I feed them 2/3 cup. I feed them 1/3 cup twice a day and I mix in canned chicken and veggies at night and non-fat cottage cheese in the morning.  Their main "treat" is baby carrots.  Never feed what the dog food bag suggests, it's way too much.  I initially came up with this diet with my vet's approval because when we got Max at age 5 he weighed 54lbs, a bit too much overfeeding and junk from his previous family.  I have continued this diet for the past 15 years with all my corgis and none have been overweight.

And corgis always act like they haven't eaten in a week.

Thanks for the advice. I'm curious about the veggies, chicken, and non-fat cottage cheese. I'll have to stop by the grocery store on the way home.

I've never heard of a glamour coat. This is interesting,

I'm glad she isn't the only one who tries to convince her owner she's starving. :)

Ann...I use canned chicken, it's 98% fat free and approve by the American Heart Association.  I get it at Sam's, there are 6 large cans in a pack.  A can goes for 3 meals.  You can use fresh, frozen or canned veggies.  I use low sodium canned, a good sized spoonful.  I use peas, green beans or wax beans and sliced carrots.  Spinach or corn is not good for them.  Non-fat cottage cheese, I use the store brand.  I use a soup spoon to give them a good glop of it.  As long as a good kibble is the main portion (at least half).  My vet stressed that.  They do get biscuits but I use only the small ones and they are considered special treats.  Baby carrots are the ones they get throughout the day.  When I head for the kitchen they head straight for the fridge to get one.

As for the kibble a good quality brand is important.  Because I have older dogs, 13 and 5, I use Blue Buffalo Weight Maintenance and they do not gain weight even in winter when they are less active...their human (me) hates the cold and snow and avoids it unless I have to go out in it.

We have many knowledgeable people on here more so than I am.  I am just relating the diet I worked out with my vet that has worked very well for years for my guys. 


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