My husband and I have a female Pembroke Welsh who 9 months old. To keep it short, we can’t tell if she’s overweight or not. My parents have made comments recently that she looks chubby (although they’ve only ever owned Golden Retrievers). 


Some details:

  • She eats twice a day that totals a cup and a half/per day (her dog bag says 3 cups but I’m not sure that qualifies for corgis).

  • Her food is Simply Nourishing Puppy Food

  • She gets moderate exercise a day. Usually an intense play session in the morning and a mile walk at night. She is constantly active with our cats and toys any other time though.

  •  She’s crated up to 6 hours a day at the most. She’s crated no more than 2 hours on weekend days.  

  • As of today, she weighs 26.4 pounds


Everything we read says she should have a taper from her belly to her hips and she does have that but her shoulder area almost looks like it has rolls (my husband think it’s an illusion because her fur is lighter there). She also has A LOT of fluff in her shoulder areas. Our instructions from a breeder say she should get a handful of food twice a day until she’s a year. This equates to the cup and a half (my husband’s hand is used). When we look online it says an adult corgi should get 1/3 to 3/4 a cup of food a day- which is a far cry from what she’s given even though she’s only 9 months. I see a lot of conflicting amounts for puppies at this age.


This is our first corgi and (I thought) we did our research but my parents and some friends have been saying she’s pudgy. When I called the vet, he told us we should be able to tell by looking at her. Kind of but….I really don’t know exactly what she should look like. I’ve seen skinny corgis and I’ve seen bigger corgis. She’s skinny in the back but looks chubbier up front. I've asked a few girl friends (thinking maybe I'm just used to how she looks) if they think she looks chubby and they said no.


Is weight the only way to tell if your corgi is overweight? How much should we be feeding at that age?


Any help is appreciated. I'm hoping some fellow corgi owners can give us some insight.


I’ve a attached some recent pictures as well.

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The rule of thumb is that you should be able to feel the dog's ribs under gentle pressure. Sometimes that's problematic if the dog has a lot of hair. Cassie has a thick coat that makes it harder to feel what's going on under there; Ruby's rather smooth coat allows for fairly easy examination.

How tall is the dog? Ruby and Cassie are both relatively small, I'm told. They each weigh about 21 or 22 pounds. Cassie weighed about 23 pounds when I got her; the vet didn't feel that was excessive. Cassie is about 12 inches high at the shoulder and Ruby is about 11 inches. Also, Cassie has a kind of cobby build, whereas Ruby longer and wirier. Your dog is built more like Cassie than like Ruby.

Hi, Anne, Hard to tell from pics (except that she's a cutie pie), but people who don't own corgis always say that ours look fat (even though they are in very good shape). They're such stout, furry, sturdy little creatures, they all tend to look a little chubby.

Check with your vet on your next visit - he/she can determine if your little girl is overweight and can advise accordingly.

We've always fed our boys 1/2 cup of dry food twice a day, plus a few treats. We feed them Castor & Pollux dry food - the puppy formula until a year old, then the Chicken & Brown rice adult formula with a pump of salmon oil. 10 yo Boone is not as active as the other two and has a tendency to "chub up", so he eats the weight management formula and is doing well with that.  

Keeping them active is important, so it's good that you're taking her on daily walks. We take ours to the dog park whenever the weather permits - just so we can have some peace at night!


Julie....I really had that problem with Max, he was a fluffy.  He was also a large corgi, his paws were as big as my hands.  I even had a new vet at the practice we go to start to scold me about how fat he was until she actually got her hands on him.  Brady is a large corgi also with a glamour coat so he looks larger than he is.

My little guy is 9mos old also.  He's currently eating Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy Formula & is getting a well-filled 1/2 cup (measuring cup) in the morning and evening.  He doesn't seem hungry during mid-day, but is also quite the little eater and I think would eat just as much as we could possibly give him if we let him (he also enjoys things like rocks, sticks, snails, you name it lol!)

I do give him treats during the day but try to make them healthy things like carrots (his very favorite), watermelon and occasionally a spoon of peanut butter.  He gets a few training treats a day also, maybe three or four when he goes to his crate on command.

My little guy is just about 20 lbs - and seems small (in all ways) for a corgi but his parents were both less than 25lbs so I guess he's just on the smaller side of corgis (which actually works well for us space-wise).


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