My husband and I are planning on having a family this year. I read that corgi's are not the greatest with small children. Murray is 3 years old now and he's pretty spoiled, I'm just worried that he will lash out at a baby. Has anyone dealt with this or has any tips for us to make sure that Murray is well behaved and well adjusted for when the new addition comes?

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Corgis are great with babes...I have many tips but will write them later!!!!!  With pics:)  Congratulations!
Hi Christina, this is my friend Ivy & Bryson's experience.
im not sure where u have read that but it isnt true! corgis are awesome with babies (if you have socialized him well) babies are teddys favorite thing in the entire world! he cant get enough of them. once time at a fair he jumped into a stroller to be with this little girl lol
well they were partially bred to be babysitters so they do great with babies! I think it just depends on how strong their herding instinct and the need to nip running heels is. Franklin is AMAZING with babies and little kids and he had never ever had any previous exposure to them. He can get a little too excited and jump up to lick faces, but that is the worst he will do and generally he is VERY gentle.
First thing after the baby is born  should be to send home a blanket or tshirt with your and the baby's smell on it... twice would even be better and let Murray have it for his own. When you get home don't forget about him...yes, be careful but do let him see and smell the baby. Just let him be a part of it all and he will be fine. These pics are of one of my grandsons:)
Frosty came to us at one year old with no small human experience and he did just fine with our 3 year old
Mine have always been very safe with the Grand kids at any age. Sparty is older and can be grouchy but has always been wonderful with them. I am always very careful not to allow them to run over the dogs and pull on them. My Grandsons are 4 and 20 months and just spent two weeks with us with no problems. I saw a corgi kennel web site once that said "if you want a dog your kids can stuff corn up their nose then get a lab not a corgi" and I would agree with that! The best thing you can do before having a baby is have a well trained dog (owner:) and that is a good idea anyway.
"Lash out at a baby"...? No. :p
I don't have children but I made sure Quincy was around my niece from day 1(she will be 3 years old in March).  Sometimes his bark will startle her but they adore one another.  Quincy follows her everywhere and she gets the biggest kick playing hide n go seek with him.   They also share the same favorite food, cheese!
You should be fine! :)  Corgi's are excellent with children and will even help you herd them in when they start being mobile :) 
I coach gymnastics, kids of all ages, and have brought my corgis to the gym... they are great with kids!  They love the attention the kids give them and never have shown any signs of aggression towards them.  I would ease them together bit by bit (love the shirt/blanket idea!) but I think it should probably work out!

last year i went home to Michigan to see my family. everyone was worried also that teddy would be mean to a 2year old(Emily)and a 9month old(Morgan). but boy did he prove them wrong! :) teddy had a bone and Morgan crawled up to teddy. he played with his ears and even put his hand on the bone. he nudged it to Morgan as to say"u can have it" and licked his face. Morgan did the same when he was getting some water. teddy loved the company lol emily and teddy became really good friends and would run and play together.


when we went home for Christmas they both were running and jumping and teddy loved it. he likes hyper kids. they had fun for hours and he was super gentle playing tug and fetch. corgis are great with kids


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