Caesar has a Little Sister - And She's in Hiding All Day!!!!

I couldn't resist and got Caesar a little sister yesterday from a breeder in Prescott. I wanted to name her Cleopatra Philopator (only natural to have a Julius Caesar and a Cleopatra Philopator) but the hubby vetoed so she became Molly. She's as cute as a button but as for her personality I can't tell much except what I saw in the breeder. Among her littermates she was a brave one, all over the place, jumping, barking, biting.... but here she is really quiet. All she does is sleep and all of Caesar's efforts to get her to play were in vain. She mainly growls, plays for a couple of seconds and hides again. She tends to stay under the couch until she is ready to play.... but then no matter how hard she bites you cannot even yelp or she runs back under the couch. Oh well, I guess it's a matter of giving time for her to adjust. Such a difference from Caesar who already owned the house from day 1. She has her first vet check tomorrow so I am hoping to get some pointers there too. Any suggestions?

PS: See pure puppy cuteness!!

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Congrats! She is a cutie :) Give it sometime, it takes about 2 weeks for a dog to fully learn the routine and understand the family dynamics of a new family. What kind of pointers are you looking for?
Just how to make her more comfortable. I have never had a shy dog before.. all of mine owned the house within hours. Sometimes I don't know when to let her be and when to get her out of hiding. She seems to be more comfortable this morning. Now I have to teach Caesar to be gentle...
oh, my, she's adorable (she even kind of looks like a Cleopatra, there's something in her eyes....oh well!). It took Ethel several days to adust to life with Bertie and me, maybe a week. I did spend time with each one individually, playing with Ethel separately so she would get used to me and bond with me a bit, and then letting her snooze in her crate while Bertie and I went out and about. She was shy at first too and would keel over in the heap when Bertie came close, but once she got the idea he was a just a bigger version of her littermates, she started to play more and more. It was really just time. Now guess who's in charge?
She is adorable!! I am pretty sure Cesar is as happy as you are with the new addition. I second Susan Stanton, have patience, separate bonding time with Molly and Cesar, and supervised playtime with both. I am pretty sure that in less than two weeks, Molly will be the "Queen" of the house. Good luck! Your dogs are beautiful.
What a cutie!!!! I think Cleopatra would have been a great name, call her Cleo for short.
I'm in agreement with everyone else, give her time. She'll settle in just fine.
Update: Molly is no longer in hiding... now she just beats up Caesar, steals his bones and toys, runs like a maniac around him, and came out of her shell altogether. She slept through the night (at 8 weeks!!! I was amazed!) to the point that I had to wake her up to go outside. Got covered in puppy kisses and nips all the way to the backyard. Then she went on to play with Caesar and beat him up some more... they wrestled all morning! YAY
Awesome! So glad to hear your little Molly is doing better! Yay for Mollies :o)

I can't wait 'til she is old enough for a meetup!
Double Corgi fun! Those are great news.
Very cute! Sport was the same way. After a week or so we couldn't get him to stop! Haha.


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