Well today is Callie's 3rd birthday! My Husband thinks I'm just nuttier than ever because I'm spoiling Callie so... today! I tell him I know I'm not alone! What do you say friends back me up?

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wish her a happy b-day an give her lots of kisses!!
Lori, I really think what your husband means is you are nuttier than ever today since you really should spoil Callie this way EVERY day not just one day a year. Yup, I am pretty sure that is the way he meant it. :D

My current icon for this site is Ashton at his first birthday party. lol Ashton's 2nd birthday is coming up on the 17th and I already have all the ingredients for his birthday cake (including a number "2" candle), birthday gifts (3 stuffed toys, rope toy, treat ball, frisbee, Rubit dog tag clip, antler and treats), party hats and plates. I am of course going to be taking lots of pictures too. I really don't see how this could be considered "nutty" at all?! lol

Ashton and I wish Callie a very Happy 3rd Birthday! May all her wishes come true!
aww Callie i really wish u happy birthday!! i know that she will have a fun filled day:) and dont worry about the hubby thing, Arthur is teasing me because i want to get teddy a birthday hat:P lots of corgi kisses and hugs!!
Happy Birthday Callie! When my husband thinks I am going overboard I just point out that the part of my personality that spoils the dogs is responsible for spoiling him too. It gives him pause!
Happy Birthday to Callie! Everyone deserves some spoiling on their birthday!
I will be adding your replies to Callie's memory book so we may treasure them with our other special memories! Thank you one and all!
Don't feel bad, I'd spoil her too!
Spoil her rotten!! ( but just for today! )

Happy Birthday Callie...... you go for it all!! : )


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