I have a quick question what is a cardigan corgi? I have never heard of one. I was told last night they are corgis with tails. OK. I have always thought corgis with tails are Carrington's. If Iam wrong I will say so.

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Thanks. Yes I knew about Pems. I am glad I ask I have learned something and had a good laugh. Its great that corgi's own people with a great sense of humor! Thanks John. Gwenie and I are off for our desert walkies.

The differences go beyond the tail. The cardigans ears are rounded at the tips, not pointy. The Cardigan is a larger dog, a heavier dog. In my experience they are not as hyper and the pem cousins. Others may say different, but it is just want i have seen.
True, they are quite different. Appearance wise, they are built more like a Basset which makes sense since they come from the Tekel family. Pembrokes are a Spitz type dog. This would also account for the difference in personality.
I know Gwenie is a talker. She is my first corgi who has a lot to say. My Jack was quiet. He only spoke to tell us the doorbell or if he saw a jet. He chased jets. As I sit here she is talking to me as if she is telling me to type something. I have heard many say corgi's are yappy dogs but I don't think so. Thanks.
CorGeek LOL thats so funny. I love it. Thanks for sharing it!


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