We don't have kids yet, but we do have dinner at our place with a couple every other week and they have a 9 month old. Toby LOVES him, however he constantly licks his face, like every time he can get close enough lol. We can't let Toby and baby be on the floor at the same time, Toby will not leave him alone... He likes baby MORE than treats and that's saying something.
Its odd, cause he's not a very licky dog with anyone else, just baby. Any ideas on how to stop him from being so interested? Eventually we plan on having kids, so advice now would be very helpful! Thanks!

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Sparty did this with our grand son at first. I just told him no and made him leave the baby alone and he stopped after a few times. Later he taught the grandson how to push a ball for him so Sparty could chase it and bring it back. You just have to be clear and consistent.

I agree with Bev, make his boundaries clear and be consistent.  If he doesn't want to listen to you at first, keep him on leash so you can correct him without having to chase him or make it seem like some sort of fun new game.  He might be more inclined to lick because he might smell the milk/formula/baby food around the baby's mouth.


Ellie caught on pretty quickly when I told her "No lick!" every time she tried licking my 1-year-old, but I did have to leash her a couple of times in the beginning.

We have several grandchildren and yes mine love them...I use leave it and this usually works. Otherwise a leash might have to be used with the command leave it.  It's especially fun when they start using the high chair and good food drops....you will have a very clean floor:)

I always think that people without dogs must have to work much harder on cleaning food off the floor. Of course the fur more than balances that out....

Babies are almost always sticky and "tasty" no matter how hard their parents try to keep them clean. It doesn't surprise me at all that Toby wants to lick him!


I agree with everyone else. It's just training that has to start from the minute baby comes home (NO! and redirect). We did this with our daughter as a baby and it worked like a charm. 

Someday when you have children....a great thing to do is bring a towel or blanket with the baby smells home before you come home with the baby so the dog can already have the baby scent there...my daughter has done this and it works great!

Yes, this does help!  I'm lucky enough to have an OB whose staff also loves dogs.  When I had my youngest last year the nurse midwife asked if my husband wanted to take home one of the baby's outfits and blanket the day before I was discharged.  We knew Yuki would be fine with a baby in the house, but it was still great that they thought to offer instead of hoping I would remember to ask!


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