I was wondering what is the right amount to feed my corgi. Paisley is almost 8 months, but is currently a little chunky (34 lbs). The breeder had her on Iams, which I kept her on for a while, then decided to try one of the "fancy" brands. After the shift, she was on Orijean for about one bag. I noticed she started chewing her paws like a little demon. I cleaned her paws frequently to make sure if wasn't an allergy to grass, etc, but decided to switch foods to see if that worked.


I switched her to another food and she did stop chewing on her paws. She was on Authority puppy food, but I was told with corgis once they are past the 5 month or so stage you should have them on adult food or else they will chunk up. I just switched her to Authority Adult food. After talking with the vet, we determined that Paisley needed to be on a 900 calorie diet in order to lose some weight. I've portioned controlled her to about .25 kg/day. (There's about 3,730 kcal/kg in Authority Adult, so she'll be getting roughly 932 calories. A quarter kilogram equates to roughly 1 3/4 to 2 cups of food.) 


She does get a tiny amount of peanut butter at night for bed time. All snacks and treats come from that daily kibble allowance.


She gets a 20 to 40 minute walk a day, plus play time in the back yard. However, she doesn't appear to be losing at weight.


Everything I read on here indicates I'm feeding her too much, but looking at the caloric amount she's eating, she should be ok. Any advice?

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We have a Welsh Cardigan Corgi which generally are bigger than pembrokes. She is currently 34 lbs also but she's 5 years old and this is after she's lost weight. Its so easy for a corgi to gain weight but sooo hard for them to lose it. ( like people:) ) But anyway we tried several different foods one of the best that we've tried is Wellness, granted it is expensive but we did the Weight Management/ reduced fat


I think it helps a lot that its low in carbs and grain free. We stopped giving her store bought treats instead give her baby carrots or apple slices which she loves. 

Peanut butter can be really high in fat so we dont give it to her every day I stick a tablespoon in the jar and let her lick it clean once a week after a long walk or something. 

This is another brand that we recently switched too just to help save with finances but we also enjoy it and plan to keep her on it. 


We only feed her twice a day. Once at 6 am 1/2 c and 6 pm 1/2 c anymore than that and she starts putting on the lbs. 

Hope this helps:) 

Her weight looks fine to me from your pictures, although a good side shot would help. Was the vet just concerned about the number on the scale, or did she actually think she was too plump upon examination? Their metabolism does slow down as they get older, but at 8 months old I don't think you should be trying to make her weight go down. She will probably continue to grow and fill out until she's 2-3 years old, so if anything she should maintain or go up still.

I would not go by any sort of calculations for the amount of calories per day. Just rely on how she looks. All dogs are different! My cardi boy was getting 2.5 cups a day at that age, and still looked very scrawny at 27ish lbs. He's now around 40 lbs at 3 years old and only gets 2/3 cup a day.

The vet said she has a layer of fat on her, nothing that would cause her to be obese...yet. According to the AKC standards, she's already at the top of her weight. The vet did mention that Paisley might end up an "oversized" Cardi since she's already 34 lbs at 7 months. She might grow more.

I know when I have looked at what Franklin's caloric intake "should" be its always far higher than what I would actually be able to feed him to keep him fit. For example one calculator says I should be feeding 2 1/2 cups of Frank's food everyday. That is WAAAAAAAAY too much. He generally gets around 1 cup/day. Look on the back of the bag for feeding guidelines for your pet's weight, then go down one weight category, and feed the low end of that range. For example Franklin is in the 20-30 pound category so I look at the 10-20 pound category guidelines which say 1 to 1 1/2 cups. I had to play around a bit to find the right amount of food but 1 cup seems to keep him fit and not gaining. I do keep close tabs and eyeball his weight a lot and adjust accordingly when he is looking a bit too plump or too skinny. If you have a vet close by I recommend just getting in the habit of weighing her every 2-4 weeks so if she starts to gain too much you can catch it early. 

Agreed that's the conundrum I'm at right now. Even with he vet recommended limit, .25kg comes out to about 1 3/4 - 2 cups per days. I use a kitchen scale and measure it out.

Personally I find it pretty annoying that the bag measures calories in weight (kilograms) but recommends you feed based on volume (cups) - two different units of measure.

One of the best pieces of advice I got when we first adopted Chewey was that the recommended amount on food bags is _way_ too much...  If I remember correctly it said something like 2-3 cups.   When we first adopted Chewey (at around  around 9-12 mos) he was actually a bit underweight at 24 lbs, and we started out feeding him around 1-1/2 cups a day...  Now that he's about 4 we give him about 1 cup a day (1/2 in the a.m. and 1/2 in the p.m.), plus misc treats...  He's stayed steady at 29ish lbs, which is a good weight for him.   I do adjust slightly depending on how much activity he's getting (e.g. just walking vs. lots of running).   

But as others have already mentioned you just end up eyeballing and keeping an eye on how they look. - that way you can make minor adjustments quickly before they end up too heavy.      You just have to ignore the imploring looks telling you how starving they are... ;->

We fill 1-2 inch marrow bones with canned pumpkin then freeze them. Our corgis love to have them to chew and the vet seems to think that they help keep their teeth clean. We clean the used bones in the dishwasher and reuse them until they are too brittle. They usually have several day. Apples are a hit too.

I agree that the bags tend to recommend way too much. My adults get about 1 1/3 cup per day (grain free)and are fairly active. I also go by how the ribs feel/look. You should be able to feel them without much pressing.

I don't know that you want her to lose weight but maybe maintain her weight and grow without gaining more? I tend to have the opposite with mine in that I have to up the food a bit as they are skinny at that age.

Corgis don't mature till 18-24 months so now is a good time to start watching.

Think you need to sit down with your vet and really discuss what is healthy for your pet.  Corgis have a tendency to eat anything they can.  

Thanks June. I did mention that the vet and I talked over her diet and calorie limit, which is how I got the 900 calories/day. The vet looked up the AKC standards for a Cardigan and tried to come up with a calorie limit appropriate, however, I feel Paisley is not losing anything.

If she's been on the new food/amount for a while and isn't looking any slimmer, I'd just cut the kibble down. If she's been getting 1 cup twice a day, I'd cut that down to 2/3 cup twice a day. If there's no improvement, then cut it down to 1/2 cup twice a day. You can always add more food back if she starts to look too skinny.

I do think she will be oversized, but that's really nothing to worry about. Many cardis are oversized (mine included - he's 42 lbs) so I wouldn't base her food amount on the standard.


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