My corgi is just a little over a year old. She is one stubborn dog! If she is let loose from her leash she will sprint and will not come on command, not even for treats. I feel like she thinks we are playing a game and she wants me to chase her, but it takes awhile for me to finally catch her. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to teach your corgi to come to you on command and not run away?

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Have you considered obedience classes?  They really make a HUGE difference, and are not always that expensive.  Our local community college offers classes every semester, and it is only $65 for 8 sessions.  Its a great way to bond with your corgi, while enforcing that you are in charge, and you get one on one help with the biggest issues you are having.

Put her on a very long lead (clothes line) and when she gets interested in something call her to you in a very cheery voice and immediately bring her to you with the leash. Give a nice treat and repeat. Practice this a couple times a day and only call her to you (I use" Izzy Come!") when you have a leash on her so she gets used to coming when you call her. Continue practice until she is really good at this.

I second what Bev says and in addition I add the magic word TREAT to the command and then be sure I have a very tasty goodie to give them. Give them the treat every time they come until they have it down pat. Be sure you never scold or punish them for coming to you even if they have been very naughty toads!!! You want them to think coming to you is the greatest thing that could ever happen to them so be very cheery in your call to them. Do not chase her (unless she is in danger). It only adds to her fun!! As you are training her, set her up for success. Only practice on a leash until she is very good and then move to a fenced area. Don't give her a chance to fail at this. A reliable recall could save her life.

All 3 replies are excellent.  I found that obedience training in a class was a great help and following thru with practice every day sets the response that you want.  Make it the most fun that dog has ever had!  Treats, lots of praise!


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