Gracie received her DHPP vaccine last night around 6pm.  By 7pm she was vomiting-- by 9.30 her face was so swollen you could barely see her eyes. She looked  like a sharpaie dog face. Was getting extremely worried at this point. Stayed up with her all night as she continued to vomit occasionally. Thinking this is a bad reaction to shot. She layed down about 4 and so did I and fell asleep. When i woke i immediately checked on her, her swelling in face looked like it had gone down quite a bit. At 7.30am called the vet explained what had taken place, she said to give some beneydral,so i did,she seemed ok. So i went to work which is only 5 min away in case something else took place. At 9am my daughter calls upset saying Gracies ears are all swollen very think and huge lumps and has diarrhea. So immediatley rushed home and off to the vet we went. They looked at her and said she need to stay--put her on iv fluids and somthing for the swelling.  Needless to say this is very upsetting--trying to protect your dog with the vaccine, but yet the vaccine is what was harmful to her. Hope she pulls thru, i have read now that dogs have died from this vaccine or later had complications.

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I'm not sure what the cost is, but I think there is a titer test for rabies which might be sufficient to prove he was vaccinated. I was reading on a blog about a dog with lyme disease and his owner didn't want to vaccinate him again unless absolutely necessary, so she had a titer test done. It showed he still had 30x the amount required by law. 30x!

Hi Linda, did the vet say the vaccine caused the non systemic lupus or the non systemic lupus caused a bad rabies shot reaction? Because THAT makes a difference and potentially cause unnecessary panic for the public. Do you know if the vet school have published their findings or reported the results elsewhere?

 Boy it seems like to much is going wrong with all of our dogs and these vaccines. what the heck is going on. I'm seeing way to much of corgis being ill with something on the blog. This is becoming very sad to see all the this happening.

The vast majority of dogs will either have no reaction to vaccines, or a mild reaction (warm nose, a little lethargic).  However, bad reactions can happen, and when a discussion comes up that mentions one, those who have had similar experiences will naturally join in.  Between all my family members we have had dozens of pets over dozens of years and the only one who was bothered by vaccines was one cat, and she just got mild flu-like symptoms (slight fever, loss of appetite, reluctance to move) for a day or less. 


Just like in people, start a discussion about, say, food poisoning and everyone will pipe up with their one story which will make it seem like everyone gets it all the time, when in fact we eat every day with no ill effect the vast majority of the time. 


And for perspective, if we were having the conversation in the day before the rabies vaccine, many more of us would have run into issues with beloved dogs actually getting rabies and having to be euthanized.  Parvo decimated dog populations before a vaccine was developed.  And so on.

yes--looking at it that  way, this is true. Thanks:)

And I'm not trying to diminish how scary it is!   I always make sure we have Benadryl in the house, and whenever my pets get shots I make sure we do it on a day when someone will be home with them for at least a couple hours after to watch for reactions.  


I'm glad Gracie is feeling better, and so sorry to hear about sweet Wrangler.  :(

i will be prepared next time. I think the vets should tell you thou that they can have a reaction, so you don;t freek out, and have something on hand for this situation.

I think they should, too.  I think they are afraid of alarming people more than needed and also of having tons of people whose dogs are exhibiting normal post-vaccine tiredness call up when all is well, but perhaps they should just say "It's extremely rare, but if you see swelling, vomiting, difficulty breathing, give xxx amt of Benadryl and call the office." 

Not to mention that before the days of the rabies vaccine, many of us would have known someone who'd died of that spectacular disease.  Not counting Edward Jenner's innoculation of cowpox (Vaccinia virus) to protect against smallpox, I believe Pasteur & Roux's rabies vaccine was the first developed.

Nowadays, there's a recombinant DNA oral vaccine -- they put the rabies virus's coat protein gene into Vaccinia virus, coat this with bait, scatter it from the sky to immunize wildlife.  Apparently this has resulted in reduced human rabies cases in some parts of Europe.

But even the vast blessings of the smallpox vaccine would be little comfort to you if you or yours happened to be the one-in-a-million who died from it.

Very well put.


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