When Marlee gets scared she literally  jumps in my lap so I can "save her".  She will even run from the opposite end of the house to find me. The latest thing that scared her was an umbrella. My son opened one inside the house on a rainy day. It was the first time she had seen one in the full opened position. She ran up, jumped in my lap almost knocking the computer off. She doesn't run when my son brings the scary things for her to sniff. She just hangs on tighter. She might even stick her nose out for a quick sniff. She isn't usually a scaredy cat, but once she is I have a lap leach. The dogs I had previously would run under the bed or just run away from the offending object, but they never viewed me as their savior.   Is this common to corgis, or just to Marlee?  Does anyone else ever have experiences like this?

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anything in our boy merlin;s sky will make him laumch into our arms!a baloon,full moon.you name it!our girl keri isn't near as spooky about things,but she's also the more aggressive of the 2.when we had our 2 corgis while our kids were growing up,we never heard our girl kelly's bark until she was about 3 yrs old.my hubby made a scary halloween costume for our daughter,then she barked at it!shocked all of us!
Tobey is not really a 'lap dog' unless of course it is the 4th of July. As soon as those fireworks start going off (illegal I might add) he cannot get into my lap fast enough. He just sits there, not really shaking, but very alert. It's the only time he really like to be hugged tight. He kinda does the same thing during wind storms or if a fly is buzzing around him. He HATES flies!


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