Dog Attacks:

We have recently moved to a new city and me and my two corgi's were enjoying walking in the new neighborhood.  My Henry had ripped a toe nail back and was limping so instead of leaving him at home while we walked, we bought a little red wagon with sides for him to ride in.  Going past a neighbors house, I saw their boxer, (BIG) loose on their front lawn just standing there watching us.  So I turned and started to walk across the street with Daisy on her leash in my left hand and Henry in his wagon in my right hand.  About 10' into the street the boxer is on top of  my Henry with these HUGE jaws across Henry's shoulders.  I screamed "NO" so loud I think I shattered windows and gave the boxer a knee in the head.  My poor Henry couldn't get away because the wagon had sides on and I couldn't let Daisy go because we were in the street.  The boxer's owner finally came sauntering over and got his dog.  Shortly after that my husband and I were stopped at the intersection at this boxer's house when, loose again, he crossed the street right in front of us and cornered a lady walking her dog.  With a lot of yelling for the dog, the owner's once again came out of their coma and politely told me their dog would never bite.  I politely told her that yes he does bite and was at the time standing in the street with her.

Now I don't give a fig about this boxer or it's owner.  I only care that now my Henry, who was as easy going and friendly to all as you could wish for, is now afraid when we walk even if he hears another dog bark, let alone meet a dog in the park or on the sidewalk.  He growls and tries to run away but I always keep him on a leash.  Why do the innocent always pay the price for the stupid?   

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Couldn't agree more! Since there have been alot of posts about this lately, it obviously is a big problem!

Sometimes, I hate people.

Yesterday we were walking in the park.  It was a cold day so it was pretty quiet.

A young woman was walking a very large (I'd say 80 pounds?) hairy black dog.  Or, rather, the dog was walking her:  the dog decided when they stopped, which way they went, etc.   I noticed the dog kept stopping and staring a lot.  They were well ahead of us and I made a mental note, because of the staring, to keep our distance.

Well, they were sauntering so slowly that we eventually caught up with them.  We were across the narrow interior park road from them when he really noticed my dogs.  He stared (which is of course confrontational with dogs) and gave a series of deep growls, and his hackles went up.

Jack knows better than to make eye contact with an aggressive dog, but sweet silly Maddie doesn't, so I called her name in the tone I use when I want her to look at me and we stopped, with me keeping Maddie focused on me.

The woman was letting the dog stand there, staring and growling.  She yells "It's ok.  He's really friendly."  (pause.)   "I don't know why he's growling like that."

Ok, the dog MIGHT be friendly but for whatever reason, he's really worried about my dogs and posturing aggressively.  This gal is not only not stopping him OR moving on, but just standing there casually with one hand on a slack leash.

Nothing happened, but it was no thanks to this girl and her cluelessness.   I am sure she meant well, but I am also sure that if we continued walking forward OR allowed Maddie to stare back and bark, the dog would have lunged.  He was clearly saying "back off" and guarding his space.

Why are people so clueless?

I'm sorry about your poor dog.  That really sucks.

Hi Beth, thanks for your kind support.  Can't believe the "he's really friendly" as her dog is growling.  We went for a walk again this evening and I will now carry my pepper spray with me.  We've had too many run-ins with dog's let on the loose.  It's my job to protect my "kids"!


There are two aggressive dogs and my neighborhood and I've had incidences with each. One set of owners try hard to be safe. One morning shortly after I moved into the neighborhood I was walking by with my last dog. It was early morning and dark. The neighbor came out her door and tripped over their cat, dropping the leash. Her chow then ran into the road and attacked my dog. Now I can look back and say it was an accident. I should have had a flashlight, she tripped. They are extremely careful when walking the dog, turning around and going home if they see anyone else out walking. The rest of us give them space and wait or take another route.

The owners of the other dog are clueless. They do not try to avoid others and can't hold the dog, a wheaten terrier. I came around a corner and saw them coming, so I moved Becca up on a lawn away from the sidewalk. Becca was in a sit stay at heel, I made the mistake of focusing on her. Boom the other dog was on top of her and all business. I started yelling and trying to separate the dogs. Thank god the owner of the house I was in front of came and helped. I got Becca up onto her porch while the other dog was still flipping out. I found out after that we were not the first victims. Apparently the women can't keep hold of the leash. The only thing they have done is put a bell on the dog. It gives you a little warning, but not enough. Becca will hear the bells and get scared. If we are in the yard she runs for the house. If we are walking she turns to go the other way. We have cut through yards to avoid them. This same person will not clean up after the dog either.

Becca is now snarky with dogs who approach quickly. I am careful now, but so many dog owners are stupid.

Hi Marcie, I'm so sorry for your Becca being attacked.  It's got to be hard for both of you to actually have a relaxing enjoyable walk if you have listen for bells and cut thru yards.  I will be carrying pepper spray with me because I have had it.  I hope the two of you can find some peace in your walks!


It has been a quiet winter. Our small town doesn't plow the sidewalks so they haven't been walking their dog. I kind of feel bad for the dog. It has given the rest of us a break though. As high as the snow banks are it will be several weeks before the sidewalks are open.

I'm sorry to hear that too... It's been a couple weeks since Chewey's "incident" with the pit bull and I've definitely noticed a definite decrease in his tolerance to being approached by strange dogs ;-/p>


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