(Sorry if this is in the wrong category or has been posted already!) I purchased the furminator and up until now I have been using a regular brush to use on Gambit after he's dried out after his baths. I wanted to know how exactly grooming a corgi works with this thing. I read through the instructions and I want to avoid any mishaps before I try it out. I've watched videos as well, but I feel safer getting an opinion from corgi owners first hand. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!

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Gently pull the handle and lift up as you complete the stroke. Don't dwell on one spot, don't press down firmly. Think peeling an apple :)
I work in the grooming section at petsmart and I was told to put enough pressure so the comb gets down to the skin but not enough for it to catch or scrape the skin. It's one of those things you will get a feel for. You want to make sure you move it around as Sam said. Don't brush the legs, tail, head, or front part of the neck. You can brush the haunches. That part of the leg is okay. Should brush for about 15 minutes or until the skin turns pink. After that you are just irritating the skin. I would use this about 2-4 times a week depending on how much shedding your dog has. The furminator is a fabulous tool but for those of you who can't afford one and do have clippers, the clipper blade is the exact same thing that a furminator is just without a nifty handle. Its what groomers used to use to brush out excess fur before this handy tool came out. And just in case I have to state the obvious, don't plug it in or turn it on while brushing out your dogs! Good luck!


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