I currently live in San Diego and would like to move to Las Vegas in the coming years.  One issue I have is how HOT it will be in Nevada and Butters's ability to function/live in such a hot environment.  So I'm reaching out to fellow Corgi owners who live in hot states like Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and maybe even Texas.  Although Vegas Corgis would be the best because it's the exact location I want to go, any hot weather advice would be appreciate.  So I'm wondering the following:

How well does your Corgi handle the hot weather?

Do you shave him/her for the summer? (I've never shaved Butters)

Do you take him/her outside for walks and dog park ballie time? (Butters goes insane at the park and gets super hot even in San Diego)

For Vegas, Corgi lovers, are there any Corgi meetup groups?

Any advice for super hot weather for my boy?

In the end, I'm really hoping to be able to bring Butters with me so I'd appreciate any of your experiences raising a Corgi in such extreme heat environments.  Thank you.

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Many of the dog parks here have water fountains that have a human level and a dog level.  Some people bring water and bowls (sometimes just old plastic food containers) too.  There's a new-ish product out which is a sports bottle with a fold-down bowl attached.

The nicer dog parks have covered seating areas where everyone can get some shade.

Wow! Be sure your dogs' vaccinations are up to date!

Having gotten royally sick twice from drinking out of public fountains (nasty case of pink-eye when water splashed out of a dirty bowl into my face and flu when 87 gerjillion little kids were using the choir fountain one Sunday during flu season), I don't  do that any more. I wouldn't let my dog drink out of a bowl used by a lot of other folks' dogs, either.

I lived in Hawaii for a time with my first corgi and she suffered. Didn't have A/C. Cronic skin issues that never really went away even when we moved to San Diego...didn't help that she was about 5 lbs overweight. So I would say that keeping your corgi at a good weight may help. Sophie lived to 14yrs. I was lucky. I live in FL now with my second corgi. It is really hot and humid here too but he seems to tolerate it better. He is in A/C most time. Goes to daycare. He has access to outdoors while i'm away and goes out for a short time during the day for breaks. I do not recommend shaving corgis. I've heard horror stories about fur not growing back properly. Personally I wouldn't risk it. Feel free to message with questions.

Tipper is a Corgi mix but she does have the typical double Corgi coat. I lived in Nashville for several years. Summers are super hot and humid there. During the summer months, Tipper stayed indoors with the air conditioner on at all times. I took her for her main walks in the early morning and late evening. IF I had to take her out during the early afternoon hours,  we didn't walk too far and I monitored her closely....brought along a bottle of cold water, put on a cooling collar, and stopped for short breaks in the shade. She did not tolerate the heat very well.

I would not keep a Corgi outdoors in the heat for too long. ALWAYS bring plenty of water with you when you are out on walks--even in the morning.

I read that the Corgi's coat should NEVER be shaved.

Betty Boop is 10 YO and does quite well here in Dallas. The afternoon temps are around 100° at the current time but will probably hit 105-110° before long. We follow much the same protocol. Early morning we go to the park for a long walk and to feed the ducks. We stay in the shade as much as possible, but we let her decide the route we take when we walk.  Betty likes to get in the middle of the ducks while they eat. The ducks and geese have no problem as she is not a threat to them. We go visit her Uncle Charlie before noon and return home before it gets really warm. Our apartment complex is heavily shaded so even in the hottest part of the afternoon it is bearable. Betty will go outside and do her business and then head for home and the A/C. We purchased a set of booties with soles on BaxterBoo on-line. The were about $25-30 a set and come in colors. They protect her feet from the hot pavement and don't seem to cause her any discomfort.We carry a small thermos of ice water to the park to keep her hydrated.She has plenty of cool water in the apartment during the rest of the time.

Just use common sense. If it is too hot for you it is definitely too hot for a Corgi. With double coats and very small sweat surfaces they can't shed the body heat efficiently in the summer. And above all, don't leave them in a car even if it is in the shade with the windows down. It just isn't worth the risk.


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