We took Soffie and Griffyn to the dog beach in Venice Florida Memorial Day weekend.  It was great fun!!  Soffie loves the water and jumped right in.  Griffyn was a little more cautious but followed her lead and eventually he jumped right in too.


The things that struck me, that I hadn't noticed at first, is that they both kept their mouths shut tight... and kept their ears tucked back close against their heads.  It's amazing how instinct is so strong in them.  And you can see when they come out of the water their ears pop right back up!!!  No gulping salt water or swimmers ear for them!!! 





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Waffle is not so smart. He was drinking the salt water even though I had brought a big jug of fresh water just for him, and had it opened so he could drink out of it whenever!
Yup.... we brought plenty of fresh water for Soffie & Griffyn too but the funny thing was they didn't seem to want that. But.... they didn't drink from the Gulf either!
They are smart. When Lando Oliver was a puppy we took him to the beach. While walking in really shallow areas (5 inches or so) with the outgoing tide he stepped in a deeper area and immediately started doggy paddling. Now that was amazing to me.
Yes... it was Soffie & Griffyn's first encounter with the "surf" and after the initial roll off their feet, they quickly learned to get into the deeper water and paddle. At one point they both were riding the wave in!! Wish I had gotten that on video!!


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