We live in the country so my dogs are off leash almost all the time unless training. I have found that I still need to help them find a job to really tire them out. Bella chases the goats(usually from inside a fence). Sage follows the other corgis and Livvy has to play ball at least 4 times a day to really be satisfied when she comes in! What are some things you have found that work well to poop out your corgis?

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Fetch, fetch and more fetch.

Is that Livvy? Her and Bootsie would make such cute babies together. hahahah
Yup...that's my fire ball Livvy! Always gotta be moving! I don't think Wynn would like her having pups with another guy...hahaha!
I take Franklin out for two LONG runs off leash each day, which include games of fetch and also time swimming. In the house I use "interactive toys" to keep his mind busy. I feed him in two different interactive toys so he usually spends about a half hour trying to get all his kibble out of them. One of the toys is a rolling ball with a small hole in it so he is pushing it around the house with his nose and the other is a tug-a-jug where he has to tip the toy and pull a rope to get kibble out. He also gets one frozen Kong a day filled with whatever you want, I like carrots and kong stuffing or peanut butter. And last of all, twice a day I stuff his "everlasting treat ball" and ANOTHER different kind of Kong (a round one with a small hole) with a few pieces of chicken jerky or lamb jerky and a soft treat or two and he'll sit and work on those for usually about half hour to an hour depending on how hard it is to get the jerky out of the two toys. By bedtime he's a happy camper :-) I swear owning a corgi is a full time job!
@ Melissa...you got the full time job right. I have started giving Sage a rubber toy with the peanut butter or treats as she is my chewer...with 6 dogs....I can't give out all the toys or they would fight with them unless separated...that's where the rest of my time goes is making sure if I leave that the ones that get along fine are together and then deciding where they should be:) I used to have a ball that rolled like yours...may have to get a new one. How do you stuff the carrots in the kong?????
thats what im learning its a full time job!! lol
We are so lucky to live in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon. Olive loves go to Sellwood Park which has a large off-leash grassy area and a lovely long beach that runs along the Willamette River. She gets to run and play in the off leash area and then we head for the water. She loves to romp at the edge of the river, spinning and biting the water and has "accidently" swam a couple of times but yesterday she swam twice all on her own accord (not just falling in). She was after a ball that had floated by us and she was determined to get it. She tried once but couldn't quite get the hang of her mouth open and paddling at the same time. She made a big wide turn like a semi-truck and took another pass at the ball. That time she tried to herd it with her shoulder and her nose. I watched in awe and felt like I was watching my baby walk for the first time! Anyway, needless to say she was pooped and the ball continued on it's journey down stream.
@ Holiday....darn...that would have been great for her to get the ball. We don't have any nice lakes or rivers that work around here and even if...they're all flooded! Lucky Olive!
Ohhhh, so lucky!!! I wish we had a place for Lance to swim, close by the house!!!
I would say going for walks is the best thing to tire Lance out, but not completely.... We also play fetch a few times a day. We played hide and seek with a new toy today and I think we will be playing that quite a bit now as he really seemed to enjoy that. I also will feed Lance his meal in a frozen Kong from time to time and have also used the ball that rolls that food will roll out of.
@ Natalie...never tried hide-n-seek...I'm going to have to!!!!
Today was our first day of hide and seek, it was sooo much fun.
Speaking of. Is there anywhere to take or does anyone have a farm close to you in HAstings or me By Farmington (lakeville, AV, Eagan, etc) that teaches herding or gets these guys to get into their herding? I would like to get them the brain and physical exercise that it would give my furry babes.


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