I have a six month old Corgi puppy that seems to be on the very small side at about 13 lbs. I feed her twice a day around a 1.5 cups each feeding ,she really doesn't seem to want to eat much more than this. Does she need to gain weight or is she just a small Corgi, I don't know? I feed my other 1yr Corgi the same food too. The puppy lately has been itching alot and I think this may be an allergy to her food since I have switched in the last few weeks from Natural Balance wet and dry food to Kirkland's Lamb and rice and Pedigree wet food. What is a good wet and Dry food I can feed both dogs that will prevent allergies and allow the little one to gain weight?

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I seem to be having the same problem my annie will be seven months on the 12th and she is only about 16.5 pounds she has a tiny head and little feet. Her dad was 32 lbs. and her mom was 27 lbs. neither was a tiny corgi and we didn't get the runt. So im not sure if she will grow more my male spike is 30lbs and seemed so much bigger when he was a baby. I just dont know what to do.
I'm going to change their food tomorrow and see what happens. I guess all Corgies are different and grow at different paces. Rudy's mom and Dad seemed fairly small so maybe she is just going to be a little Corgi. I guess as long as their happy and healthy it doesn't really matter. I'll keep you updated.
My girl is just shy of 6 months and weighs in at 13 pounds. Unless your pup has a decreased interest in eating, or has any other medical issues that might be interfering with her growth, I wouldn't worry about it!
It sounds like you are feeding her plenty. At 6 months our pup was getting 1 cup of dry food twice a day plus a few treats between meals. Unless she looks undernourished I don't think you need to feed her more. If you think she may have an allergy to food you may want to try one containing fewer grains such as Wellness, Blue Buffalo, Canidae etc. Good luck!


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