Hello fellow Corgi lovers!  I just wanted to introduce myself to you all, I have been a Corgi lover for 20 years, but have never owned one.  I have only ever rescued my pets, never gone the breeder route, until now.

I am a lifelong New Hampshire resident and I am currently on my second Border Collie Lab X, Beamish, who is 8 years old and I went through a couple of kitty tragedies last year, which left me heartbroken and I finally decided to start my Corgi search.

After looking at a few breeders, I chose to go with Bunker Hill Stables for my Pembroke.  My little Ruckus was born on 12/29/15 and he will be coming home with me at the end of the month- I am very excited.

I have owned and trained several dogs over my lifetime- (collie x's, greyhound, Fox Terrier).  I firmly believe in being Alpha and I am not a fan of treat motivation.  We shall see how I do with a stubborn little Corgi ;)

Besides myself and my husband, we have 11 year boy/girl old twins, a white Siamese cat, and two lion head rabbits.

I know the first few months with Ruckus are going to be tough, especially with the cold New England weather and potty training.

I look forward to reading about everyone's Corgi's here :)


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Welcome, and congrats on finally getting your Corgi!  We can't wait to meet him (love the name!).   We love puppy pictures here and look forward to hearing your adventures.  It's been a little quiet around here recently, but don't let that discourage you!  

Thanks, Beth!  Here are Ruckus pics at 1 day old, 2 weeks old, and 4 weeks old


Welcome!!!  So glad you are finally getting your corgi!  Life is an adventure with these stumpy guys.  Ruckus...good one, hope he doesn't live up to it too much.  Looking forward to seeing more pics as he grows and hearing all about him.  There are very knowledgeable people here and I'm sure any question you have about these guys can be answered.

I have found that Corgis are fairly easy to train...consistency is very important. Positive reinforcement has actually worked very well with mine...

That is a ridiculously cute puppy. You'll love this one!

Corgis make great companions. I've also had quite a few dogs over a lifetime...was drawn to corgis when I got too old to handle German shepherds, the dawg of choice for decades. Contrary to a cliche that's still on the float here and there, a corgi is not a GerShep in a small dog's body -- at least not the modern GerShep, which has taken on some undesirable inbred traits. They're easier to train in some ways (much less destructive, it seems) and a little harder in other ways. This is a dog with a mind of its own. :-D

House-training can take some time. Also, for such a small(-looking...) dog, they're very athletic. Activities such as agility training and herding go a long way toward helping to socialize a corgi and keeping it and you happy.

Welcome, and best wishes for many joyous corgi-years.

Welcome to the site, Kathy, and congratulations on soon being owned by a corgi!  :)  My goodness, he is just so cute!  I often forget that mine used to be so tiny, too~.  I look forward to hearing about your adventures, if you're willing to share, and hope that he comes home happy and healthy, and doesn't live up to his name too much.  ;-)

Thank you everyone!  I will pick him up in one week- counting the days :)


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