Wondering if anyone else is dealing with (or has dealt with) the joys of a leash reactive dog? Beez is 1.5 yrs. old and around a year old he started becoming very reactive towards other dogs (and sometimes other stimuli) while on walks. He's been going to doggy daycare occasionally since he was quite young and absolutely loves playing with other dogs, but it's a different story on a leash. We've been working with him a lot on this -- desensitization and counter-conditioning (i.e., shoving hot dogs and cheese in his face anytime he sees another dog on leash) and things are improving. Today was a milestone as we walked by another dog that was lunging and growling at him and Beez managed to keep his composure! Didn't even bark back! This is HUGE for him. So, I see hope on the horizon. Has anyone successfully trained a dog through this behavior to the point of being able to walk past other dogs without having a reaction? I long for the day, but maybe my expectations are too high. The dog I was used to waking before the corgi was a super mellow lab that could have growling dogs and screaming kids running straight towards him and he wouldn't even blink an eye, so this is new for me. Any other advice or tricks we can use is welcomed! 

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Thank you -- that is something we need to work on more is getting his attention and praising even at times of low stress so it is as close to an auto response as we can get. 

Hi Kristin,

Yesterday I walked Jack out of the house and met a co-worker and her friend with bigger dogs than Jack.  My Co-worker had actually brought her dog to training at the same place we are going with the same trainer.  Her friend had a bull terrier that pulled at the leash and forced us to move into the driveway of the house next door.

Jack came unglued!  So, we seem to have it down in the store during puppy training classes and haven't transferred this skill yet to daily environment.  I will ask the trainer about it next time.

Anyway, the co-worker's dog was very well leash-trained but the bull terrior's owner was untrained.  I asked the co-worker if she would come over and we could walk our dogs together and she thought it would be good.

I am not going to give up!



Hi Laurie, I know it's so frustrating when they become unglued -- especially after they've been making progress. That's all we can do is keep going and not give up. I don't want it to get to a point where I dread taking him places because of his reactivity. 


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