I am trying to find Corgi puppies...we just lost our 13 year old male, Sidney,he had chronic kidney disease...we now have no corgi's left in our lives & we want a puppy...we live in the St Louis area & we need a puppy...so anyone who knows any good breeders...please let me know.

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So very sorry for your loss! Its so hard to loose them and their big personalities leave such a big hole. For a puppy, i suggest checking either the PWCCA or CWCCA Web sites for breeders near you. Often if you call and talk to them a breeder will know of other breeders in your area that might have puppies. I also have used infodog.com to find dog shows near me. You can go and meet breeders and their dogs to get an idea who you would like to work with. Good luck and be sure to share pics if you get a puppy.

Thank you...great advice.

Tammy, I tried to e-mail you, but it requires being a "friend". Very sorry to hear of your loss.  I do know a breeder who I have gotten to know quite well, but am reluctant to post that information on any public forum.  I think I put in a request to be a friend, but unsure.  Best of luck to you in your search.

I got your email...we are talking with her...probably no puppies before Spring.

Tammy, the breeder we have purchased from in the past has one seven-month-old male available, red/white.  She will not have any more litters until spring.  She is in Missouri.

I am so sorry to hear of your loss.  It is so hard.  I have a 13 year old male that I know his time is short with us.

My advice get another one soon.

Tammy, the breeder in Missouri has a seven-month-old male available.  Red/White.  I put in a friend request so that I can e-mail you, but haven't received a response yet.  I think you said you got her information in another e-mail that I was able to send.  The seven-month-old is a puppy I think she was considering keeping, but has decided to place him.  His name is Dealer.  He is a very handsome little boy.  If you still have the e-mail I sent you and can contact her, you might want to do so.  The little fellow is a very handsome and just adorable little boy.  Other than the little seven-month-old male, she will not have more puppies until Spring.


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