My corgi fell on the ice last year. As a result, she has been limping several times since her fall and has been treated with the appropriate medication.  I was wondering if any of you had good results with glucosamine and what would be the right dosage for a 25 pounds dog.  Could you please share your experience with me as I would like to find the best solution for my dog.  Too many side effects with anti inflammatory medication. Thank you!

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I don't have an answer for that question but you might want to look into acupuncture.  Max and I swear by it.

My brother-in-law does acupuncture.  I just left him a message as it could be an option when she hurts too much. Thank you Linda!

Our lab has bad hips and arthritis, she has done great on glyco-flex 3 supplements, they are meaty chews that contain glucosamine and other supplements. We were able to completely wean her off all prescription meds a few months after starting these, they have instructions as far as how many to give per day. I order them online through, they have a ton of good reviews there you can read too, they have been a lifesaver for our elderly lab.

Thank you Heather for the suggestion.  I will check into it and will read the reviews.   I love the fact that it's a meaty chew.

My corgi, Bailey had an accident and surgery on his spine about a month ago.  He gets better each passing day but I wanted to add something to aid in his recovery.  A relative owns a pet shop and grooming salon so I asked him what to use.He recommended a mineral product called Nupro Silver  (not the dog food) and it comes in powder form in a large plastic jar with a measuring scoop.  A little water is mixed with it in the bowl and then add the food.   I haven't given it to Bailey long enough so I can't judge yet how it's working.  He has used it on 3 different dogs and after about 3 weeks he noticed a difference.  I had a hard time finding it locally and on the web but finally found a site that carries it.  The website is .  They delivered in 2 days!  I will keep using it and let you know in a few weeks how Bailey is doing on it.  


Thank you Barbara for the suggestion. Chewey doesn't ship in Canada but I was able to order it on Amazon.  The reviews are very good. I will keep you posted. Hopefully, it will work on Layla :).

Patricia...Max has a calcification in his neck.  We never really saw the beginning of it...he just seemed to be slowing down a bit.  When my husband comes home from work Max is right at the door jumping up and barking.  One night he suddenly jumped down and wouldn't even bark..  After this went on for 2 days I took him to the vet and they did x-rays which showed the problem.  We did the whole 9 yards with meds but they really weren't helping...I could see he was in pain.  He held his head in one position.  I was talking to my stylist about it, she's a big dog lover, and she recommended acupuncture and  a vet who does it.  When I got home I set up an appointment.  I could not believe the difference in Max after a couple of sessions.  He literally saved Max's life because I could not let him suffer...I love him too much.  It took 8 sessions and he was like a new dog. 11 months later after we came back from vacation he followed up and down stairs for 2 days.  I could see he was starting to hurt again...took him him and he had 4 sessions.  It has now been 12 months since then and he is still just fine.

One thing I want to mention, we were told to not let him do stairs so my husband built him a ramp off the deck so he could go out in the yard. He is allowed to come upstairs only at night when I go to bed.  Simply because he was determined to follow me and dang near broke furniture and his leg trying, even with a gate.  So it was safer to allow him that one trip each day.  We also raised his food/water bowls because it was his neck.

I was so impressed with the treatments that I now go for acupuncture for my back.  That does more for me than all the pain management shots I've had over many years.  Tell your BIL that I think it's the best thing since sliced bread!

Our border collie -Australian Shepard mix has osteosarcoma that started in his front shoulder. We gave him glucoseamine and fish oil all along which helped tremendously with his limping. Unfortunately, it progressed to the point where he now needs meds, but has done much better than the vets expected. We think that's because of the supplements. Those meds are harsh mn their digestive systems too. Good luck!

What anti-inflammatory were they giving? We've used metacam in the past in limited amounts which works really well for us, and I believe it's considered quite safe. We've also given a baby aspirin here and there.

I did try dasuquin for a while but honestly I did not see any dramatic results.

Thanks to all for your comments. Your help is much appreciated.  I will keep you posted on Layla's progress.


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