Our Saturday night at the Emergency Vet / Xylitol Warning

Well, I can't say I was entirely surpised that we landed at the vet due to Beezer ingesting something he shouldn't have. We're dealing with a canine vacuum after all. I was actually impressed we made it almost to his first birthday without this happening . . . but came up a few days short. Anyways, we try to be very careful because of this hoover-esque behavior, but Saturday night rolled around and we took our eyes off him for no more than ten minutes, and that was all it took.

His whole "pack" was in the living room and he wasn't there, so that was the first tip-off something was amiss/he was up to no good. Well, needless to say, he had found my purse, pulled it down, and got into the gum and other things. I couldn't remember how many pieces of gum I had left in the pack, but it was Orbitz/sugarfree,containing Xylitol (toxic to dogs) so we couldn't risk it. Ugh. Seven o'clock on a Sat. night so the only vet open was the emergency one. $200 later for inducing vomiting and he vomited up a wad of gum, wrappers, food, and 1.5" of hard plastic (? still no idea what that was)! I'm not exaggerating when I say he was out of our sight for no more than ten minutes for this to occur (he must have inhaled that stuff). GRRRR!  Lesson learned #1! The bigger lesson, however, was to find out later that Xylitol is in a lot more things than just gum. That's what I wanted to pass along -- be careful with gummy vites, toothpastes, sugarfree gum, mints/candy, even some brands of jam and syrup have it apparently!

Thankfully, we caught him almost immediately after it happened, so by the time he threw up, almost nothing had been digested, but we had to monitor him the whole night to make sure he didn't end up with hypoglycemia. So, thanks to our Corgi Hoover Vac, it was a fun Saturday night had by all. Seriously though, we're very glad he's OK. Just wanted to pass that along re:Xylitol as I wasn't aware it was in so many things (and we all know how corgis looooove to snack on anything)!

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Good reminder...I try to let people with pets know this as it is very deadly!

oh no, so glad  you got him to the vet right away and that he will be ok!!!   This actually happened to  Lance as a pup as well, although he got the gum from my daughters bag that she had just gotten for christmas, yep, it happened the day after christmas and our vet was opened, off we went!!! 

Very glad to hear he is OK!  All corgis are Hoover Vacs without a doubt.  You can train them to NO when something drops to the floor but for stealing...forget it.  I had one of mine steal my purse and take the small bottle of Excedrins out of it.  Thankfully I caught it before he managed to chew open the bottle.  My purse is now put inside something (we have an old trunk near the front door) or up on a shelf that they can't possibly reach.

The same one that stole my purse also ate an ant trap that I thought was out of his way.  Called poison control and thankfully the one he ate used the same stuff as the heartworm meds to kill the ants so no harm, no foul..just had to monitor for a day or 2 for vomiting and delay giving him his heartworm med that was due within a week of him eating the ant trap so he didn't OD on the med.

Good to hear he's ok, I hope it doesn't happen again!  

Those darn Corgis! I won't buy sugar-free gum for just the reason you mention. We now keep all chocolates, vitamins, etc in upper level cabinets. And since we have a cat who works as an accomplice in crime by batting things down, we can't even leave anything out on the counters.

Glad he's ok. Thanks for the reminder.

Thanks for the replies!  I was wondering if anyone had successfully trained their corgi to only eat on command. LOL Tall order, I guess. He is good with "leave it/drop it," but that only works if we're there, of course. We're going to have to do a better job of corgi-proofing our house.  Beth, we have a feline accomplice too, so counters have to be clean at all times. lol  Linda, an ant trap? Yikes!  Hadn't thought of mouse/ant traps and how you would keep the corgis away from those if they're right on the floor.  If we ever get another corgi, I think I would name him Hoover. :)

Thank you for this important post.  I was not even aware of this dangerous substance.  I watched Bogart hoover his way around the kitchen and keeping room yesterday, making sure he hadn't missed anything, before he got in his bed to lie down.

Thank you for the heads up.  I wasn't aware that Xylitol was a concern.  Since all our Corgi's are hoovers on occasion I will make sure to keep my purse and other productos out of reach.  Thanks!

Kristen....I had to train Max to walk over a hot dog and not touch it in order to work as a therapy dog.  That was fun...not.

I've never used poison for mice and use other traps instead of the snap ones, I have cats.  Cats like cheese.  I had the ant tap on a windowsill on the porch, darn dog got up on the chair next to the window and took the trap.  They use peanut butter as bait in the ant trap. Not all ant traps use the heartworm med as the poison so if they ever get into one you really need to call poison control and know exactly the kind of ant trap you have.

Wow, Linda - that's impressive--corgi walking over a hot dog! I have aspirations of making Beez a therapy dog, but he's got a long way to go, lol.

Glad you caught it so quickly!  My Ginny did the same last August and it nearly killed her.  She was very touch-and-go for several days and her liver went into failure but ultimately she pulled through.  She has since fully recovered, but it was one of the scariest things I've been through.  I try to get the word out about the dangers of xylitol to everyone who is a dog lover.  People don't realize how deadly it is!

So glad Ginny pulled through! It is scary!


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