I noticed that the tops of the nails on Ruby's(Pembroke Welsh Corgi) front paws near the quick area rubbed raw. She is a two-year old rescue that I adopted in Jan. '09 and she came with no information other than she was a puppy mill pup and lived in a rescue situation for about a year before I adopted her. My vet says I should take her to either a bone vet or a neurologist. My sister said not to worry and just buy her booties. The only time I see where this condition seems to slow her down is when we walk on cement sidewalks. I don't mind the suggestions of the neurologist and the bone doc, but before I subject her to that kind of invasive exploratory prodding, I would like to know if anyone else has observed this in his/her dog.

Anyone out there with a similar story? And are there owners out there who have fitted booties on their corgi?


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Our Mace had that problem. It is a type of neuropathy, probably congenital. The quicks will recede. We tried booties, but all that we tried would not stay on that little stocky ankle. We tried to walk her in the grass as much as possible, but she preferred the sidewalk (?). I guess with her neuropathy there was too much drag in the grass. It didn't cause a big problem, mostly an occasional bleeding nail. She lived 15 years that way.
She could of had an injury that is causing this as well and a simple acupuncture or chiropractic care might be all that is needed but ultimately you need to see the neurologist or atleast a vet to evaluate health issues. If a damaged nerve is left go for too long it can never be repaired..its damaged for life.
This is not an uncommon occurance with dogs. Most of the time it is merely the way they travel. Their specific conformation sometimes is the only factor. If she is not showing any sort of pain or this is not a change since she came I vote with your sister. Find a way to protect her feet. Good luck!
I wonder if it's just a habit, like kids scraping their shoes as they walk? Indicative of nothing except idiosyncrasy?
Algy has this problem and its just the way his big, clubby paws are shaped. He drags his one leg terribly, and as a result, he doesn't really get to go on walks. We tried booties and also cushioned socks, but nothing really seemed to work. He seems ok without the walks. His weight is good and so far, so good. But the tops of his feet right near where the nail comes out were rubbed raw and bled, so at first we kept him on the grass, and now, he just lays outside for the most part. It's just his luck I guess. He seems happy though. Of course, he's an old man. Not sure what to tell you about a youngster. :( It's do-able. You just have some downsides. Best of luck!!


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