So we just brought home little Lola last week. She is 10 weeks and was kept outside by the breeder. She is good about going when we take her outside, but she still goes in the house about 5 times a day without any warning. We both work 8 hours a day and are using the pee pads while we are gone during the day, and we crate her at night. She always makes it through the night. Anyone have any suggestions on the best training methods?

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We got Caleb when he was 7.5 weeks old. From the get go we took him out every hour, after every nap, every play time, every meal, every get the picture. We also started with target words 'go potty' for pee and 'go poop' for poop. And offered treats for each. Over night we'd set the alarm and take him out after about 5 hours.
During the day if he'd start to squat (we NEVER had a poop accident on carpet, only in the kitchen) we'd go PSHT!! and say happily 'OUTSIDE' and take him outside where he would either go or finish (if we'd been slow) and praise him.

He's now a bit over 4 months old and is pretty much house trained. We don't take any chances and take him out at regular intervals but I don't have to eagle eye him at every moment. I suspect we'll run into some more accidents in the future but he's definitely catching on and been accident free for weeks.

Consistency is always the key.
We also used the target words - ours is "Hurry up!" for pooping, haha.
I have started to implement many of yall's suggestions and in just two days she has gone from 4-5 accidents a day to just 1! We've implored our parents to come over at lunch to let her out, so while she's in the kitchen, she has yet to make a mess. Same as in the crate over night. She is being a very good girl! She's starting to go to the door to let us know, which is extremely helpful. I think she's on her way!!!


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