Hi guys!
So, we are going on our first road trip with our little Kirbs this fall! My husband's parents have an 8 year old corgi, we are so excited to see them meet! 
It'll be about a 14 hour drive one way. Any tips on what we should or shouldn't do on the drive? Thanks!

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Hi Jeni,

When you have your corgi meet your husbands parents corgi you will want them to meet on neutral ground at first. Maybe have your husbands parents meet you at a nearby park when you get close. If that wont work, meet down the block from where they live and possibly go for a short walk.

At feeding time, I would feed them seperately so you dont have to worry about food agression.

Are you driving the whole 14 hours or driving half way and then driving the rest of the trip the next day?

Bring Natures Miracle to clean up any accidents that helps get rid of the smell for the dogs.

Dont feed your corgi right before you leave so you dont have to worry about an upset stomach in the car.
We just took an 11,000 mile road trip this summer when our lil' guy was only 4 months old so it's funny you ask this question! As far as the road goes I'm not sure if you let him have free range in the car or if you plan on bringing a small kennel. If you are bringing a kennel, be especially sure to take breaks every few hours to stretch those legs! This is especially true when going through elevation changes (not sure where you're going but this is a general rule). You know your Kirbs best in the car so keep things fun! Like it was previously posted, be wary of feeding time while on the road. I know it can be tricky because of a 14 hour stretch but try cutting the meals into smaller portions to avoid an upset stomach. Keep him hydrated while in the vehicle - this is very important! Other than that, I'd bring a few of his favorite toys so he has a sense of familiarity while traveling. Enjoy the trip!
Thanks for the tips!! i never even thought of how they'd meet! I'm really looking forward to this trip! I hope it goes as well as I have it planned in my head ha ha...
Oh and yes, we'll be driving straight through the whole way.
Thanks again!
Be sure to pack copies of Kirbs vaccine certificate and write down all of his tag numbers (rabies tag, city license, microchip, etc...) and phone numbers associated with those tags in the (crosses fingers that it doesn't happen) event Kirbs gets lost. Also put a current picture with the paperwork.

If you don't have one already have an ID tag with your cell phone number on it. Since, obviously you are not home, a home phone number will do no good if Kirbs were to get lost.

Be sure to take plenty of breaks to stretch legs and potty breaks. Keep an eye out at rest areas since many times the pet approved areas are less than stellar. One stop we made the pet area was near poison oak! Yeah, that would not have been good to get into during a long road trip! At least they had a little sign warning of it. lol

Have a great trip!
We drove our corgi up to Washington from California, and the Vet recommended Meclizine (Travel Sickness) tablets, so we gave her a 1/2 tablet every 12 hours and that kept her calm. She had 0 accidents and putting a blanket over the crate when its raining our when you see them acting nervous calms them down. Annabelle didnt like windshield wipers so we had to cover it when we drove through rain. hope that helps
Chepstow was very afraid of windshield wipers until he was about a year old. Glad to hear our boy was not the only corgi with this problem.
Hi Jeni, This is what I do whenever I have k9 visitors. As far as the drive goes. Here's a list:

1. 1 bottle of water just for Kirby
2. collapsible water bowl or styrofoam bowl if you already have some.
3. pre-measured Kirby's food in individual zip lock bags.
4. flash light - so you can see where to pick up in the dark
5. a copy of his shot records
6. his microchip number
7. a picture of him in your cell phone
8. always leash him first before opening the car door
9. wet wipes that are not bleach base
10. poop bags
11. benedryl (talk to your vet) - in case of bug bite / allergic reaction
12. activated charcoal tablet - for upset stomach and poisoning
13. an extra leash - you can use it to tie Kirby to a solid object, frees your hand to load and unload things in your car
14. 2 bottles of hydrogen peroxide - for cleaning and accidents
15. car child lock - if kirby is loose in the car, at least he won't accidentally press the window down button
16. 2 hr pit stop is good, kirby may need a little walk to promote bm
17. paper towels - for clean up vomit and accidents
18. crate - best hands free device / refuge for kirby
19. frozen peanut butter kong - good mono fat that makes kirby calmer and sleepy
20. water breaks - actively remind kirby to drink

That should do it, have fun, snap lots of pics and share them with us :)
I always freeze a bowl of water for Pa'ani (even on a 2 hour drive). I seems to help him not drink so much water that he has an accident, prevents the water from spilling, gives him something to play with if hes bored and keeps him cool. I hope you have an amazing trip. Road trips with Pa'ani are my absolute favorite.


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