All of my Corgis have their special nightime rituals and places to sleep. Somewhat different am ones. Does yours?

Wynn: waits for me to go into the bedroom waits for a quick pet on the bed and then goes to his bed on the floor. AM: says aroooh as soon as he knows I'm up (even if I don't know it) and jumps up for a quick pet and body slams me.

Bella: gets pets and then anchores herself to the bottom end of the bed, out of the way.AM: no big deal just lays where she's at.

Wiley: runs around the bed on the floor waiting several pets and licks and then tosses a blanket around till she gets comfortable.AM: again runs around the floor looking for pets.

Livyy: Nose to nose with me till I tell her to get down. AM: is obnoxious...face to face again and takes her paw to remove my arm from across my face so she can again touch noses.

Sage: Kerplunk with a flying leap right in the middle of the bed between my husband and I hoping that she gets to stay there. AM: learning from her momma Livvy how to pull my arm away with her paw to be face to face.

It's interesting if this is their different personalities that they do what they do. Any thoughts?

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Seanna starts bugging me about 7pm, that's usually when we head to the bedroom to watch tv.  She'll sit and stare at me wherever I am, and let out the little "snoofs"...a sniff/woof noise.  We go to the bedroom and she jumps up, then we have our play fight with my hand, or play ball a little....then she makes her bed and curls up next to my legs.  It lasts about 10 minutes until she hears the cat and then she's off to chase....

Jackson is funny...he's ready for bed at 7pm too, but his mom doesn't go to bed until 10pm, and he just can't make it.  So he comes to my room, I lift him up on the bed, and we snuggle once Seanna leaves.  He curls up next to me, i cover him up, and we stay like that until his mom comes and gets him when she goes to bed...I love it!

@ Jennifer.... so that's why Amber says you "steal him"

@ Peggy Wynn does the back leg stretch like Bugsy.

@ Natalie... I can usually find at least one of my corgis in a crate...many times more than one and sometimes in the same crate!

@Tabaterful...Livvy may be funny (which it is) but not when I'm trying to sleep as she is very persistant.


Busgy as a "baby": hide under futon sofa at bedtime. Run away when mommy trying to catch to put in crate. Next morning, cuddle with mommy & get tummy rubs before outside for morning potty & walkies...

Bugsy after he was big enough to jump on the bed: If we stay up too late - he looks at us as if to say "G'night!" and waddles off to bed. He'll be "warming up" my side. Otherwise he follows us to bed and settles down next to me or at my feet. Unless he is still wound up - then he tries to bring a toy up there & wrastle about. If he gets off or was thrown off, he always asks if he can come back up (the pleeeeaaase whine). If I wake up in the middle of the night, I usually find him with all 4s up. We both wake up (corgi & I) 5-ish & he snuggles up as close as he can get, usually laying his chin across my neck. He scooches & squirms to get even closer. If daddy gets up 1st, he stays in bed next to me (still snuggling), otherwise we're up & it's coffee for me & brekky for him & we're out the door for our morning constitution!

Livvy is too funny! Baxter will stay in whatever room we're in no matter how late we decide to stay awake. He follows us to bed and typically cuddles next to me or sleeps against our legs at the bottom of the bed. In the morning, if I even try to sleep in, he will stare at me until I get up or he quietly "brrruphs" at me. He strecthes before getting off the bed and then when he gets on the floor, he rubs his head against the carpet with his butt in the air, bearing his teeth making a small growly noise. It never fails to make me smile every morning.

"brrruphs" - - I love that!!! (Bugsy makes that noise too!) I love all the noise descriptors in this thread.

and the bit about rubbing his head with his butt in the air - I can so picture that. bugsy does his yoga - cat followed by downward dog. Then one stubby back leg sttrrretches out, then the other... too funny!

First of all let me say what a great idea for a thread!

Around here, we go to bed pretty early. I get up at 5am, so we head to bed at 9pm - it's not nice to teach middle school when you're tired.

Goldy goes to bed at 8pm, you can set your watch by her. She'll walk about halfway down the hall, stop look back at me as if to say, "I'm REALLY going now." And I'll hear her climb up on my bed. She's down for the night.

Bear stays with me in the living room. He'll either nap on the couch or in his crate until I turn the tv off to head to bed, then he knows it bedtime.

Upon entering the bedroom begins the bartering for bed position time. Goldy is already in bed, and will grunt obnoxiously should Bear or I intrude on her space.

I climb in...carefully. Get comfy. Goldy at this point is high on the bed, usually with her head on a pillow.

Now, in comes Bear. He walks around the bed for a bit, to make sure I'm set, he really hates when I squirm. When he is satisfied with the arrangements he comes to the top of the bed and waits patiently for me to lift the blankets so he can climb under them.

Then Goldy realizes that she too wants to be under the blankies. So she walks around my head to climb down the other side of me, after of course waiting on me to lift the blankets.

THEN, we go to sleep.

And yes, we go through this EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. And I wouldn't change it for the world.
You teach middle school? .. AND have a corgi?!
I am in awe.
Or... come to think... maybe I could have survived my checkered careeer as a middle school teacher if I'd had a corgi back then...
Before bedtime, I announce "Outside -- one last time."
They zoom to the back door, Gwynnie barking ferociously as if at some invisible intruder. They make a frenzied dash to the back fence, and stay outside a few minutes.
In wet weather, Jeeves wipes their feet with a clean dog towel when they return.
Al instantly occupies his spot on the northeast foot of the bed. Gwynnie must be coaxed onto the bed with a fresh fried liver treat (no onions). I built them a ramp.
Then I ring the kitchen for their bedtime snack of warm almond whole milk in their shallow silver dishes.
We put a fresh linen napkin under Al's jowls so he won't drool on the Louis XIV walnut bedframe (it's actually one-sided oak veneer plywood, but he doesn't know that).
I read them a story. Al prefers nonfiction, history or politics (nonfiction history? it's hard, but you CAN fool a dog), or sometimes poetry or philosophy, but Gwynnie never sleeps without "Goodnight Moon." Mercifully, she's always asleep before I get halfway through, so I don't have to finish.
Gwynnie won't sleep without her rose-colored night-light, so I wear a silk blindfold; also earplugs, because she snores in my ear.
We seldom launder the pillowcases, so they begin to stink after a few weeks, but the dogs like them that way.
Gwynnie always awakens us at 4:55 A.M. when she gets up, jumps off the bed, shakes her ears, patrols the house, and jumps back into bed.
The alarm goes off at 6:45 A.M. I hit the snooze button, but Al jumps onto my chest, licks my face, and goes "RARK!!" in my ear, before I'm halfway through muttering, "Oh #$%&!!"
I always wake up with the subprime end of the dog in my face.

Hmmm. after reading that i dont feel so badly about getting a kindle case with a nght light so as not to disturb the sleeping corgis in my bed.


Last call is at 11 and  While they can easily get on the bed, they both put front feet up so as to get that lift onto the tempurpedic.   One sleeps at the foot, the other leaning against the small of my back. Very comforting.

We lift Twinkie up on the bed while we watch TV before bed.  There is lots of petting and then she starts snoozing. Before we turn off the television, my hubby carries Twinks, like a baby, to her own dog bed.  He says "Night, night." and kisses her on her little apple head.  Whose is more nuts about this dog?  I wonder...


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