I took Clutch outside and he found a dead snake about 8 in. long. We did the bathroom stuff and then went to go inside and I took him off his leash and he took off for the spot with the dead snake.


A nice guy walking down the sidewalk offered to help me catch him while he ran around the yard eating this dead snake...we didn't have any luck catching him before he got all the snake down...


Now what do I do?


Should I make him puke the snake up? Should I call the vet? Anyone have this happen before?

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This cracks me up. Who, me?  Was it still alive?

 Austin tried to catch a big bull frog, but immediately spat it out and started spitting.  A little while later he threw up.  Toxic Skin? 

I'm so sorry, Brittani, but your post made me laugh out loud....just the mental image!  I'm glad things worked themselves out (of whichever end...or both!).  My corgis will eat the most hideous things!  One found a well rotted and gushy rodent in the compost pile and downed it in a second.  Ok..well, um...eeew?  But she was fine, especially after she yakked it up several hours later in her bed next to my own...oh my word...the stench....

Actually, so many of the responses on this thread made me LOL...

I am happy that I am not the only one with a puppy that will eat nasty things!


All these stories are quite funny! I am thankful that he this has only happened once and hope that it is the last time. Though he did find a dead flat mouse the other day and carried it around for a while outside before I could tell what it was.


The pic of Jordan with his snake prize is so cute. He looks like he is going to bolt at any moment.



Is this why I never find dead snakes in the yard?

All I can say is that I enjoyed this thread very much!

Yoda is known for hunting and eating insects, cockroaches, beetles and flies. It never seemed to bother him.  It is just part of the Corgi's acquired tastes.

The inventory of dead, gross things Lucy has eaten, or tried to eat: frog, bat, snake, earthworms (her favorite), flattened roadkill that I think was a chipmunk, turtle (she chewed on the shell). Most of time she regurgitates it. Lovely.


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