I am about to make a down payment on a Corgi pup within the next few days, and since this place seems to be filled with owners with experiance, I have some questions I'd like to throw out there.

I currently live in an apartment, that's about 700 square feet. Is this enough room for a corgi? We also have two cats, and a total of two people (who are fairly small in frame). Granted, it will be given many oppritunities for walks and such.

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I bought my corgi pup when I was living in a tiny little apartment in San Francisco. We had 2 cats and a chihuahua already. My pup settled right in. The key is lots and lots of exercise when they are old enough to go out and run. We did a lot of indoor play time until his shots were done. I have had him for almost 2 years now and have yet to live in a house and he is perfectly happy. The cats still aren't thrilled about him since he likes to try to herd them and poke them with his nose, but they all have found their place. Again, I can't stress enough, how much exercise a corgi needs. They are a herding dog and as such need at least an hour of good running a day to keep them happy, otherwise they turn into little balls of mischeif (even will the exercise they get into lots of trouble!).
Congratulations! I think a pup will be fine and like Melissa said they key word is exercise and I believe also crate training and lots of good toys such as kongs:) You'll have a wonderful time!
What about weather? I live in central NC, where the weather is unpredictable.

I'll probably be bringing it home after Christmas, so we might have some snow. It'll be about 2 months old, so does it need any form of "warming" attire? What about humidity in the summer? Are they prone to allergies?

Not trying to sound over-paranoid, just putting down the questions as they go through my head XD
Eric, I'm originally from Greensboro, NC and now live in central VA where the weather is very similar. Corgis are great in this climate (except the sweltering heat in the summer, which is no good for any dog). In summer, just be prepared to provide indoor exercise. This breed has plenty of coat to be fine in NC winters w/o extra clothing.

My fluffy boy was born on January 1, 2010 (with snow on the ground) near Winston-Salem and he was just fine all winter!

Best of luck to you during this exciting time!
I'm in Wisconsin. Lilliput definitely prefers the cold weather. She's had her first chance to play in the snow this year, and is loving it, as usual. In the summer, she gets hot and tired much more quickly at the dog park. In the winter, she loves to stay out in the yard playing in the snow with her toys and friends. In the cooler seasons, she will spend much more time running, playing fetch at the park than she will in the summer.

I'm not really familiar with NC weather, but I believe these are cold weather dogs.
The apartment size is fine, since you're getting a puppy, you'll need fast access to go potty outside for the next 12 months. You'll be cleaning up a whole lot more if your elevator is slow or lives on the third floor. You will commit to walking him 45-90 minutes daily for the next 17 years, rain or shine, thunderstorm and snow storm. Your first year investment will be at least 2K, read the FAQ and mentally prepare yourself for whats to come, your social live will revolve around your dog's potty schedule. Carefully assess your financial, housing, relationship and job status, if you have any doubt, puppy can always wait.
Right-o on that elevator note! Had a few accidents on the carpeting in front of the elevator but they learn fast and will get better. :)
yaaargh, edit time ran out. EDIT:

"they (and we), learn fast and will get better"
Effort is not only on the corgi's part! ;)
im in a really hot climate! and my puppy was born in January, we both lived thru the heat this summer exercising everyday... have to say she loves these cooler temps in the 60's much better !
Problem is we dont have many cools day in south Texas.
2k is no joke!! and not that i mind but my life is centered around this little girl.. even with to my family complaining, i would do it all over again knowing what i know now.
17 yrs sounds like a life time but they are worth every minute of your time..

*Carlys crate was my best friend while potty training and still is in certain circumstances!! lol
It's not a problem. Chewie runs happy and free in our apartment. :) Plus there are tons of friends in the building!
As others said as long as you are willing to exercise the dog every day it shouldn't be a problem. Be prepared to take him or her outside to potty every half an hour to an hour for the first several weeks though, rain or snow!

I live in Wisconsin and I did get my cardi puppy a little overcoat for when we go to the park as he doesn't have much undercoat yet to keep him warm. With my pem I don't recall ever worrying about him being cold, but looking back at his pictures he had a pretty thick coat by the time winter came.
Sams' post is right on read it carefully. I knew I wanted a dog that would make me walk and that is just what I got you have to walk them even if you don't feel like it. I have gone with out walking her for one day. But two??? She is going nuts, barking all the time and running around bringing me her ball and just pestering me every second. They need to run.


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