I rehomed a corgi, I just got him today from a family in Kentucky. They lived on a farm. Anyway I immediately noticed as well as my friend did that he smelled badly and had some poop stuck to his but which the woman said was horse poop....doubtful.

I got him home. Gave him a bath and believe me my bathtub was a mess. It was gross looking. I did my best to dry him off and noticed he still stunk but that on his belly I didn’t get all the dirt.

When my husband came home we gave him a bath again and scrubbed him down better. He’s very overweight so it was easier work two of us. The water was more clean and his coat looks good. I didn’t see most patches of hair, plus or rashes but he still stinks.

It smells nasty house or something fowl....my friend had me worried it was yeast but his ears look good. After two baths I don’t think I could do anything more to himself. I’m doing laundry and carpet cleaning and going to wash the dog beds when he’s better.

I’m taking him to the vet next Friday. I can’t any sooner :/

I just hope it’s not yeast or anything medical. I know some said it could be his diet which I told was Purina small bites.

He’s friendly....needs to loose seveee weight which I will watch and probably needs a check up.

I’m just paranoid, especially after losing my girl not to long ago.

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This was quickly wrote on my cell so I am so sorry for the poor editing and grammar >_/body>


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