I'm into month 5 w/ rescued Corgi and one of the most troubling and embarrassing behaviors is Sammy's tendency to pick fights with other dogs passing by our fenced yard.  Many dogs never draw a glance from Sammy but others for no apparent reason set him off in vicious snarling and growling at and through ther pickets.  

My trainer and I have worked on "walk away" and/or "leave it" commands but with little success.  

I'm even thinking of putting him in his vest type harness and on a lead which won't let him get to the fence.  It seemed to calm down my previous Corgi but this is a whole new ball game.  Citronella collars have been mentioned but friends with a Standard Poodle say that is too easy for the dog to master.

Of course Sammy goes into a small rage with fireworks (even just one), skateboards, bicycles, trucks, especially motorcycles etc etc etc.

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Many dogs are territorial along the fence line.   We avoid walking in neighborhoods for this very reason.  In fact I'd say it's the norm, rather than the exception.  Can you add barriers so he can't get to the front fence, only the back part of the yard? The thing is that to train him away from this you would pretty much need to be there with him every time.  Barking at fences is self-rewarding behavior so even one missed incident where he gets to be rewarded with chasing the other dog away (from his point of view) will put you back at square one.  I would probably try to find a physical solution to this problem rather than a training one. 

Beth,  Thanks for your insights.  Several of my dogs have been territorial along this tiny 28" picket fence.  One solution was (imagine this) to add a "buffer fence" slightly lower another 24" inside the first fence.  Yes, kind of like a prison yard!  This was to prevent biting confrontations with other dogs passing by.  This sort of worked but was such overkill I removed it.

Other solutions were to keep Corgi #3 on a tie out in the center of the yard....only when I was right there in the front yard.  It seemed to work pretty well as long as I used it regularly and praised the dog for 'staying'.  The other obvious solution is to confine all yard activity to the BACK yard. But since I have a Little Free Library in front I  like to see the neighbors and feel bad leaving Sam in back. Sam is without a doubt the most wired and reactive of all my dogs both Corgi and Sheltie.  Right now I'm working on "LEAVE IT" and/or "walk away" with rewards when he (actually does) walk away.  It's a long process and I don't think it will ever cure aggression toward motorcycles, skateboards and loud trucks.  And so.......well you get the idea.....thanks for reading. 


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