Hi all!
I'm new and I hope I'm posting this in the right area.

Would anyone be able to recommend a reputable PWC breeder in North America that either does not dock, or is willing to leave a tail on a puppy like they do in many places in Europe and Australia where docking is banned? This gets tricky because I'm in Ontario, Canada where docking is the norm. I realise docking is a hot button issue and I don't seek to change anyone's mind on this, it's just one of the things I'm looking for in a puppy and I don't mean anything by the request. I think undocked corgis have gorgeous tails and since I'm not going to show in conformation I'd prefer one with a tail.

If I have to look at getting a corgi from outside my country I will, but I would definitely prefer to avoid shipping and be able to meet the sire and dam, the breeder, and their other dogs if I can.

Obviously I also want a healthy puppy with healthy parents and a good temperament, so I'm not willing to just go to any person who claims they're a breeder and is willing to leave tails on (hence why I'm here asking for possible references). I plan on getting back into agility and other activities I used to do with my last dog so the puppy needs to be of sound mind and body so we can have fun for many years to come.

I've been doing my research and I'm aiming for sometime next year as my ideal time to raise a puppy. I'm not in a hurry to get a puppy and am willing to be on a waiting list for a year or more to find the right companion for me.

I've been discouraged lately because when I've talked to some breeders, some have suddenly turned unfriendly when I ask if they are willing to leave a tail on a puppy. I understand that it's a difficult decision for breeders because if I were to back out of getting a puppy they would have a tailed corgi that does not conform to the North American standards. I can't really blame them for being cautious. It's just unsettling that I can't ask questions...

I guess what I'm saying is I would love to find a breeder that won't mind me being completely honest when I ask questions and tell them what I'm looking for. I really mean them no disrespect, and I understand why the breed standard is important for them to uphold.

If anyone knows of a breeder that matches what I'm looking for I'd be in your debt.

If I could find a rescued corgi puppy that would be great too, but the odds are low I will find what I'm looking for. I've kept an eye on local shelters and rescues for years just to see if I'd get lucky and it's rare that even a senior corgi shows up (good for the corgis, bad for people looking for corgis!). If anyone does know of a corgi rescue group in Ontario though, that would be awesome. I wasn't able to find anything online that's even remotely close to where I live.

Also, I'm not interested in CWCs. I'm throwing that out there because I've had it suggested in the past and I've considered it before. Nothing against them, they're just not quite what I'm looking for this time around. My other half is also set on a PWC and nothing will change his mind.

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Like I said my breeder was very good and she is located in Minnesota so yay she's in the US!

A couple of replies showed up while I was replying and then it wouldn't let me edit, haha.

I will check out all the stuff and people that were mentioned. Thanks a lot for the help!

I'm going to look at domestic options before I start looking overseas. The quarantine, cost, and distance is a hassle, but if importing is what it will take in the end then so be it. I'd most likely look across the Atlantic because of the shorter travel distance.

I know what you mean about the tail being good for communication. My samoyed was very easy to read because the position of his tail told me everything about his emotional state. When he was thinking hard about something, it would droop slowly as if he was forgetting to hold it up.

Wiggle butts are cute too. My friend's doberman would wag his entire rear end as he had no tail. Shake it if you got it.

We got magic tails for Gwynnie & Al from the nice Gypsy lady 4/1/10.  http://mycorgi.com/profiles/blogs/gwynnie-and-al-have-new-tails

Hey there! I am in the EXACT same boat as you. I am reaching out to a ton of breeders, like, a ton. I am convinced there are enough of us that we could get them to leave one litter. I personally would put down a deposit but I too want to meet the puppy, not pick ahead. Have you made any leeway? I'll help you if you help me!

We wanted to ask a breeder to "save one undocked puppy for us", but that's not how it works.  Serious breeders are breeding for show, and they may not pick which pup to show until as old as ?? 6 months(?).  Also, our breeder claims to be able to do some matchmaking on the basis of her  assessment of the pups' personalities, and we did not get to pick Al; she picked him for us.

When I see him wagging his nub at me, I do think I'm missing something.

If a bunch of you go up to a breeder and ask for a tailed litter I don't think that's going to go down too well unless they happen to be a BYB (you don't want that). Good breeders breed to produce healthy dogs that further the standard (whether that be working or show), and they are usually breeding so they can produce the next show prospects for themselves and others. In other words they're not going to breed a litter of "pet companions" on purpose -- they're breeding towards their own goals in the show hobby (or working, if applicable), which is the norm. Once they've picked the puppies they want to keep or sell to associates, they start looking at which puppies might suit the families that are looking for pets. There might not always be enough of the "best" temperaments in a litter, so what is a breeder going to do if they breed a litter of pets and not enough of the people wanting pets are a match, or these people just don't like any of the puppies? In that case the breeder just blew a ton of money and time and risked their bitch's health for the minimum benefit. Why would they purposely do that when there are already tons of pets out there? Not to mention, people are not often willing to pay as much for a "pet" as they are for a "show" puppy, even though the same amount of time, money, and effort goes into them. It makes no sense from a practical, ethical, or financial standpoint. It's not something to take lightly, and I'm not trying to be mean by saying this. Getting a good dog is HARD, which is why so many average people go to BYBs (don't do it).

So yeah, finding a breeder that will give you a tailed corgi is not a means to an end. The breeder should be someone who is clearly acting in the best interests of their dogs and the breed, and are someone that you can get along with. There are other things that are important besides the tail. Part of my lengthy criteria just happened to be finding a PWC breeder that is interested in tails and how the standard is changing overseas to allow tails, and I found that. Thank you very much to the people that gave me leads.

I did find a wonderful breeder in eastern Canada that has proven to me she health checks all her dogs (I have seen the certificates), titles her dogs in multiple venues, clearly cares for her dogs, who is very knowledgeable and a very reasonable person to talk to. She does not breed very often, and she gets requests for puppies from overseas kennels where the docking practice is banned. She does not dock anymore, and shows her corgis with the tails (standard says "as short as possible" not "no tail"). In Canada we already have two provinces with veterinary bans on cosmetic docking, and she is one of the few early adopters of the approaching changes. She's apparently being harassed by some people online right now. I respect her privacy and don't want to give out her name and make the problem worse.

All of this is spot on. I am also now in contact with the breeder in Canada.

Ok. I know I said it was spot on, and it is. But I feel I should be frank and explain the hope...

I am looking for no "back yard breeder" in the common sense of the word. But I do believe there are people out there with the passion and the brains about their passion to want to breed and do so ethically with health tests and the bettering of the breed - whether it be for show, agility, work, or to work toward a great balanced dog for any of these activities. I refuse to believe there just aren't people living in the United States breeding corgis to better the breed and respecting the standards other countries uphold of keeping the tail. I dont think its far off to see a Pembroke in show in the United States with a tail where there is a standard if the tail has been kept. The white tip, the thickness, way it is held.

I am not looking for the breeder with the biggest reputation, in fact I need one who likes a little rebellion. In the utmost simplest - I'm looking for the breeder who can give me a dog with great health in it's history, a great disposition, and tail. If I don't get that I will likely rescue. I will not go the breeder route.

I don't intend to show. Agility is likely if I make enough to provide the space for that training in Los Angeles. I love the idea of providing herding, there are places in Long Beach.

But honestly? I live in Los Angeles, work at home, and do lots of hiking and outdoor adventures and have a love of corgis. I live with a professional photographer and am pursuing acting. If I do my job right down here, a hardly seen tailed Pembroke corgi will be far more "in show" down in Los Angeles than one with a tail. :)

Here are 3/4 corgi 1/4 cairn terrier pups. I don't want to promote breeding mixes but this person's post sounds honest. She is keeping the tails since they are mix. It is in Raven a, oh

I just want to add that I think it's a damned shame that breed clubs require animals to have perfectly healthy body parts removed in order to win.

I am not anti-docking.  I would not want to see a ban on docking.  (Ear cropping is another matter-- horrid!!-- but I don't think docking is cruel).   I grew up with hunting dogs and saw the bloody mess the tailed dog came home with on a regular basis; docking has a place.

That said, Corgis were never docked for function.  They were docked for tax purposes.  And if people want to dock, that is fine, but I think it's sad that breeders feel they HAVE to dock in order to win in the show ring.


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