URGENT! Corgi propaganda! Vote for Al. WTA photo contest!

URGENT!  Washington Trails Association Photo Contest, "Offbeat Outdoors" category.  Go to this Facebook page and vote for Al.
There is a sirius possibility that Al could get outvoted by a photo of a slime mold (not making this up)!   Corgidom would never live down the shame!  Vote early!  Vote often!
Al promises:  if he is elected, all of his supporters will get a puppy!*


*sooner or later.  Some restrictions may apply.  Offer void where prohibited.

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Al won! Al won!
And it's all your fault. We couldn't have done it without MyCorgi.com. Thank You!
I'll post a link to the Jan/Feb 2011 issue of Washington Trails Washington Trails as soon as it's out. This is a worthy public interest organization and I hope Al's picture contributes.
Again, if there's any money involved in this prize (don't know, don't think so), it goes to corgi rescue.
Get ready for your new puppy. And your pony.


Here's the link to the 2010 WTA Photo Contest winners.  Do check it out; there are some wonderful photos here -- including Al's would-be nemesis, The Slime!

Thanks again!  This was great fun.  You will all receive your pony and you puppy... sometime soon!

2 ponies please ...I have enough pups:)
Those are some amazing photographs! In "Wild Landscapes" and "Flora and Fauna" I actually liked the 3rd place winners the best.


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