I'm thinking about getting a webcam or two for our back yard, to check on Bunny when I'm at work.

Does anyone have experience with this?  Suggestions?  We have a PC desktop to connect it/them to.

Probably two cameras to cover my yard.

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here you go :)
Thanks Sam! I'll check in to this. Some of my friends use Skype all the time to talk with family and friends.
How about a network camera, so you do not have to leave your PC on all the time and save electricity. The network camera are cheap enough and easy to setup these days.
Hi David,
This is all new to me. Not sure what a network cam is, and will look into it.
Love the idea of saving electricity any time we can.
I was thinking of doing the same thing just so I can monitor my pups and what goes on a night in the back yard. I never leave my dogs out without me supervising but a camera will add protection. I want one with night vision as well. I already have an alarm on the house with motion sensors and window security. I was always afraid of being a way and a fire broke out in the home and no one would know..this way it will call the fire dept right away and hopefully my dogs will be rescued.
We have the reflective signs in our windows telling fire personnel what types of pets we have. I wouldn't mind one with night vision either. We have a 'busy' alley behind our house, between us and a very busy main street. Our neighbor had their car set on fire in the alley last winter, and there's been evidence of drug and gang activity.
It wouldn't be hard for someone to jump the fence if they wanted too. And one of the gates from the front to the backyard is very easy to open. Bless her little heart, Bunny would probably go with someone who asked her to.
Sometimes she seems more skittish than others, about certain areas of the yard.
I know we have possums, rats, raccoons, and skunks that travel through our yard.
Check out the outdoor network camera with night vision here.
Hey, on YouStream there are over 2,000 people watching a hummingbird (Phoebe) sit on its nest. 10,000 watching a barn owl (Molly) in her box with chicks. You could probably make money selling advertising.
I'm gonna put up a webcam of Al chewing his beef bone. :)
My friend used IStream while she was at work to see what her pups were up to.

and found Sherman (her male corgi) liked the taste of the corner wall and book shelves lol.

At least she finally figured out who was doing all the chewing while they were gone.

I've been debating on doing this to see what my kids are up to :)
Great ideas, I'll check them all out. We don't leave Bunny out at night, she sleeps in the house so my main concern is during the day. Though we occassionally have had a lot of activity in the alley behind our house at night, complete with police and other emergency personnel.
I put in a motion detector light that worked well for about the first 6-9 months, after that its been hit and miss and we can't determine what's wrong with it. I've considered lights at the back of the yard, mainly as a deterence for human visitors at night.
The night vision might be the way to go.
We have wondered sometimes what happens at home when we aren't there, both outside with Bunny and inside with the cats. They clearly aren't doing any of the dishes or housecleaning, while I'm gone. ; )
Thanks for all the ideas.
And maybe we can get sponsor ads and make some money on it too!


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