My husband and I are getting ready for our first corgi, and we're getting supplies for him.  We're stuck on what type of bowls to get for our Bento.  Should we go with plastic? Stainless steel? Ceramic? Bamboo? Two attached bowl combo set?  Extra sets? A particular brand?


Walking down the aisle with the bowls is a bit overwhelming.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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Gracie has a nice set of ceramic bowls that sit in a metal stand. She doesn't knock them over and they're easy to clean.
I once tried one of those closed plastic dishes with a timer when I was going out after work. I put her food in it, set on the timer and came home to find it chewed apart and a bettery on the rug. That could have been really dangerous if my girl decided to eat the battery. Avoid those stupid feeders, Corgis aren't that patient to sit and wait for the lid to flap up.
stainless steel..

Ramsey uses white ceramic with "Water" and "food" printed on the inside. Just so I don't get confused.


I'm using some bamboo ones I got at petco for Duncan in the 'm' shape
How are the bamboo ones?  So far, the majority favors stainless with ceramic coming in a close second and then plastic.  I think you're the first poster to say you're using a bamboo bowl.  Do you like them?  Pros?  Cons?

I'm not sure of pros and cons.. I can tell you I got them because they were on sale, they are sustainable, light, dishwasher safe, and as far as I can tell they are just made from bamboo placed under extreme pressure and heat so not a lot of chemical leaching into food (I hope) I looked at the metal ones but they had that reallly stinky rubber ring and smell to them that I wouldn't want to eat out of. I really think most quality Metal and ceramic dishes would work just as well, its up to your preference.


Anyway so far they work just fine and I haven't had any problems. I also feed freeze dried raw and raw food so sanitation is a concern and these seem to clean up nicely, which I was a little worried that they might become slightly porous and harbor bacteria but I don't believe that is happening, they still look and feel brand new

ps: doing a google search I see there is a type of bowl branded bamboo with plastic liners? thats not what I am using, the bowl itself is made out of Bamboo, its the planet petco brand but I know there are others of this type as well.

Thanks for the response.  I like the fact that bamboo is sustainable, and it's all natural.  Definitely something to think over.  Maybe I'll get a stainless for food and a bamboo for water.
I have no clue for dog bowls but I do like my bamboo cutting boards and salad utinsels. Mine do say not to put in the dishwasher though.

I don’t recommend plastic. Some dogs and cats can be allergic to chemicals in the plastic. It may cause a rash or sores on their chins. I use stainless steel for their food, and glass for their water, (then I can monitor the water level easier.)

Stainless for his water bowl and Wal Mart pottery/ceramic "people" bowls

for food.  They're heavy, good sized and cheap ($1.50 ea).  And I can pop them into the dishwasher without worry.

In conversation with some other dog people here at work, the general feeling is Bamboo would be iffy due to the porous (although admittedly tight porous) nature and potential for harboring bacteria. Safest would be non-porous ceramic.
As an ex-caterer I always used stainless steel for people food also and still do.


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