Hi all,  Just curious when your corgis do their heaviest shedding?  We're in MN and the weather is starting to warm up a bit (not sure if climate matters?) and I could swear I see more corgi tumbleweeds flowing through the house, but it could be my imagination. I've never had a dog with an undercoat before, so this is new to me.

I brush him regularly, and he is professionally groomed every couple months, but maybe we should be doing more right now? He's tolerating the furminator as of late. He wasn't a fan the last time I tried it, but when he saw the cat enjoying her furmination, suddenly he couldn't wait for his turn. So, I just kept alternating between them and before I knew it I had an entire siamese/corgi fur coat in the sink!!! :)

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I wish both of mine would do it at the same time!  Max tends to blow his in the spring and then again in late fall.  Katie alternates with those times.  Max is a fluffy so he leaves clumps, Katie just leaves a white haze on the carpets and the fur bunnies take over...of course I have 3 cats that add to that mess. They all get brushed at least once a week, more when heavy shedding is going on.  They also go to the groomer about every 6 weeks...Max gets Frodo feet and his long coat looks messy otherwise.

I put Max on fish oil over the winter, he tends to get very dry skin and he chews at it till he is all red.  That has helped it a lot.  It is also good to help with shedding or so the bottle says.  I started giving it to Katie to see if that will help with her too.  I will let you know now that the the air is warming up.

I get the fish oil at PetSmart, it's made by GNC...they have a whole line of supplements for animals.

It just depends...at my house there is no set times but at least twice a year they blow their coat and seldom at the same time. Doesn't necessarily go with the seasons here either. I only use the furminator once a week or less as that can also take out too much of the hair if used too often but when they are truelly shedding a quick daily swipe to get the loose hair off is ok. Doesn't take long to get a sink full:)

No set times and when I had two, they never did it at the same time. Welcome to corgiland!

At what age does a corgi shed terribly like I hear about?  Sophie is 1 year and 5 months.  So far she hasnt had anything I havent seen any other dog I have had.  I have given her fish oil since she was young.  She is a black headed tri, do they shed less than the red and whites? Since she doesnt seem to have the fluffy pants like I see on red and whites.   I keep waiting for the heavy shedding, I am thinking she just hasnt had her first one yet because of her age.

They don't have their adult coat til at least a year and the first big shed is usually the first shedding season after the adult coat comes in.

Jack blows coat once a year in late spring/early summer, and then has a light shed sometime in early winter (some undercoat but not a full blow).

Maddie blows coat twice a year, usually in early summer with Jack (more or less) and again in mid-Winter.

Jack goes down to nothing but top coat and his trappings get really light at that time. Maddie always keeps some undercoat and sheds undercoat lightly most of the year.

I'd say they are all different. You will know when they blow coat (huge loose clumps will come off in your hand) so if you are wondering, it's probably not a full coat blow yet. :-)

Frosty usually blows coat twice a year.  The first time is from about January to June and the second round is from about July through December ;)


Thanks for the replies! I will look into the fish oil supplement. Beezer is just turning 1 this week, so maybe he doesn't even have his adult coat yet. Beth, that's kind of what I was wondering too -- if it's unmistakable when they're blowing coat, and if you should do anything special (grooming wise) during this time.

I haven't had Ein for a full year yet, but she was blowing coat when I got her last June, and it lasted until about late July. After that, she didn't shed at all until November, and she's been heavily shedding since then, but I think it's finally going to stop! So based on this pattern, it seems like she'll blow coat from May-July, and then again from November to March. 


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