Of all the pets I have owned throughout my life, I think it is funny and interesting that about my Welsh Pembroke Corgi I am very often asked, "Why did you choose a Corgi"? My first response was, well I think they are cute, but upon further reflection there is more. When I was in 3rd grade I read a story titled Little Dog Lost, about a cogri that got lost and was raised by a fox. I was very intrigued by the story line and charmed by the description and illustrations of the Corgi. Every great once in awhile I would come across a Corgi and remember the story and admire them, then I knew somewhere in my future I would have a Corgi. So how about you all, why did you choose a Corgi?


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Strictly by the grace of God.  I had a puppy picked out from the Humane Society (well, not me--my first husband), but he wasn't going to be ready to go for 3 days.  I sat down on the ground, and like 80 dogs ran at me and bombarded me.  Somehow the sweetest dog pushed his way through all of them, and threw himself onto his back on my lap.  I picked him.  He was a corgi mix, and the best friend I will ever have.  I lost Dillon almost 4 years ago, and not a day goes by that I don't think and cry over him.  I had always thought the "Queens" dogs were cute, and after Dillon it was just a breed I stuck with.  I will always have at least one...they are like potato chips.  I love all dogs, no matter what the breed, but my corgi's are just special.
My daughter actually picked up Corky and he did the same thing. she came in the room and all the puppies were together and he saw her and left all his brothers and sisters and climbed in her lap, like" I have been waiting for you lets go home!"
For a few years going to horse shows, Corgis were every where. I had Akitas then and loved the bully breeds. A horse trainer always tried to get me to buy one of his pups. To be honest, there look was not my taste but did get one for my daughter. It was then my obsession started. I loved the intelligence and loyalty but how they are comical and game for most things. They have my personality so it was a perfect match!!!
I read the same book. Thats part of the reason. After we lost our blue heeler, my husband wasn't taking it well. We had talked about other dogs and both of us had several kinds we liked and were just kind of putting things off until the hurt went away somewhat. Then I saw a ad for a corgi. I called she sent pics and I went to see the parents and the pups. We all know how the puppies are so I brought Max home, Three months later Molly came home with us. Never thought for even a minute they weren't worth it.They are so much fun!!
When I was little, my mom decided our family needed a corgi. I remember sitting in the grass and all these little puppies with little legs running all around. We came home with Cassi. Shortly after, we went for another one for my grandparents. So I grew up with corgis. When Cassi got older, my mom and I came across some puppies at our local feed store, the lady said they were corgi/border collie crosses (or as our town so fondly called them "borgis"... needless to say they caught on) and Bear kept walking out of the pile of dogs to us (three times to be exact... we said no, weren't planning on it, kept putting him back in the pile, but he was persistent). And I knew one day I was going to have one of my own... I never imagined myself with another kind of dog. Now I have my little Rowdy, and he's perfect.

Corgi's are by far one of the most loyal, charismatic, smart, and overly enjoyable breeds out there :)


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