Whining to be fed

Our girl is super food-motivated, which I gather is common with this breed. We feed her the recommended amount twice a day, and our vet is happy with her current weight. We do not feed her people food, or from our plates, and any treats she gets are usually related to training.

She does this thing that just drives us bonkers, though. We feed her at 7am/7pm, and every evening she starts whining at 5pm-ish to be fed. Constant whine-whine-whine. Feeding her earlier isn’t a real solution because she'll just start whining earlier (and if we feed too early that’s too big of a gap till breakfast).

I don’t even know how to stop this behavior. Suggestions online say to reward her when she’s quiet, but she pretty much isn’t ever when she’s like this - and my attempts to reward quiet behavior just seemed to confuse her because she was ultimately getting what she wanted (treat/food). I’ll freely admit that our general attempts at getting her to respond to a "quiet" command are iffy at best when it comes to stopping her barking and it doesn’t do anything with the whining.

So, any suggestions? Our current solution is to just ignore the whining, but that is getting old, fast.