South Florida Corgis

A group for Corgi's and their owners in the Palm Beach Martin County area!
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  • Libby and Dyddy!!

    Ina, are you in the South East Florida corgi group? We do meet-ups from time to time. :D
  • Erin & Faye

    We just moved to South Florida from New York and need some fuzzy friends. I would love to know when the next meetup is. Let us know!! ^_^
  • Erin & Ruckus

    Can anyone recommend good dog parks in the northern Palm Beach/Martin/St. Lucie County area? We visited the one in Gardens on Lilac Street a few times but I was bit disappointed. No separate area for little dogs and a few aggressive big dogs with lazy owners. There are a number of dog friendly beaches in the area but I'd like to find a nice place for Ruckus to run off-leash. I can't keep up with him anymore.