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Well to start off I have always had a thing for corgis since I first saw one while working as a home care aide in Seattle, Washington. After that I knew I would eventually
have to buy one.
Welsh Corgi Breeder?
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My corgi's name is Chili. His favorite toys are his ball and his piggy currently. He enjoys fun filled days in the snow and chasing squirrels. When we go for walks he has a way with the ladies and loves to give wet willys! I found him by responding to an add in the paper for corgi puppies. They were priced at $100 so after having searched around for corgis and their prices I knew this was the best offer and had to go for it. Upon my arrival to pick up Chili, I was greeted by the mother and father of the puppies. The father was a big red and white male and the mother was a very small tri-colored female. They both greeted me with kindness. Then came the pups. It was probably the cutest thing I've ever seen, this corgi family.
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  • Lori A. Haskett

    Hi Mckenzie & Chili Dog! What a handsome boy! We too have a Chewer ...I'm thinking Cooper should Have been named Chewy but oh the love...Love the pics & your profile. All the best to you all...Lori, Callie & Cooper
  • Natalie, Lance &Tucker

    Chili Dog, what a cute name to go along with an adorable corgi :)
  • Natalie, Lance &Tucker

    your welcome and thanks! :)