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Welsh Corgi Breeder?
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recently adopted a 5 yr old, was able to trace back 3 homes in last 5 months-way overweight, not UTD on shots etc. She's home now!
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  • Anna Morelli

    Thank you Carol.  You may want to know that homeopathic products do not expire. The FDA requires an expiration date, but you can disregard it.  It is however important not to contaminate the dropper by touching the eye. The dropper is made to dispense one drop, so it's easy to use.

  • John Wolff

    Email  Our Doggles are the size with 4 vent holes on each side.  I think that's medium; not sure though.  No, they do not keep them on reliably.  They make great photo props, and enable Al & Gwynnie's waking fantasy of being LAPD police dogs, but they take them off first chance they get.

    YMMV.  I do believe the military uses them for Military Working Dogs.

    I've worried about their eyes in bright summer snow and try to keep the Doggles on.  I have to keep them in front of me, and I tie bright survey tape on the Doggles to help me find them if they rub them off.  We're seldom above 6000', and the UV doesn't get horrible until you're considerably higher than that.

    It seems really odd.  Animals are automatically protective of their eyes.  Could there be some neurologic thing inhibiting her eyeblinking?  If so, there ought to be some info about it.  I'd search about for 2nd, 3rd, 4th opinions.

    I have a pal who's very protective of his one good eye.  He keeps an eye ointment handy -- it's basically an opthalmic-grade formulation of the ordinary Neosporin triple antibiotic (Neomycin, polymixin, bacitracin).  If bacterial inflammation is involved, that might help.  Don't hesitate to use Neosporin (at least on yourself) I use it all the time for superficial wounds on myself -- I suppose it might be harmful to dogs, but I'd be surprised.  [I do know that Ibuprofen should not be given to dogs.]

    I work with laboratory mice -- who get better medical care than most humans -- and sometimes the vets notice painful ulcerated corneas and apply an ointment -- do I recall aright?  It might be Ibuprofen? -- but it might be OK to apply Ibuprofen topically to a dog -- or some other antiinflammatory (NSAID, Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug).

  • John Wolff

    BTW they come with replaceable lenses -- and they do get scratched, even though I keep telling them to be careful with their glasses.  They probably have clear lenses available.

    Might be worth a try to protect her eyes until they heal.

    Have they checked her eyeblink reflexes?