Alison Prasavath


Salem, OR

United States

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My husband and I love our corgi and he definitely is in charge of our household.
Welsh Corgi Breeder?
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Noodles will be 5 years old in June of this year (2010) and we've had him since he was 8 weeks old. He is our pride and joy in life. He also is a social butterfly and the neighborhood kids ring our doorbell and ask if Noodles can come play with them. He is very smart and knows the names of his toys and the names of various human family members. We like to call him floor explorer since he seems to clean the floors constantly (apparently he doesn't think I do a good enough job). He doesn't like the blow dryer or vacuum cleaner and could be fast asleep, yet still hear one of those items get pulled out. He is a joy to have around and loves sleeping in bed inbetween his mom and dad every night. We love him so much!
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