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Janesville WI

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Janesville Wisconsin
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I'm a Dietitian who loves reading, sewing and my Corgis
Welsh Corgi Breeder?
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Brody is a 4 year old red and white with all the usual, wonderful corgi traits and a few odd quirks of his own. He is our protector, allerting us to all possible invaders. Lillian Bitsy (Li'l Bit) is a 2 year old red and white with markings very similar to Brody, very sweet and a lot more stubborn than he is, but more loving / snuggly
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  • Angel, Holly, & Mere

    oh yes they love playing in the snow but the snow is higher than them sometimes! it's funny to watch them prance around in our yard :)
  • Gracii

    Your dogs are beautiful! I love the one peeking out of the fence!
  • LA Stewart


    Check out the pictures I put on the LA Stewart My Page.  There is a great one of you with your new cookie jar. Also, I put a link to my photobucket account of picnic pictures on the Cheesehead picnic discussion page.  That one has two pictures of you with the jar and some group photos as well.

    It was nice meeting you and chatting with you on Saturday.