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Denton, TX
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My wife and I love our corgi. He has been in love with my wife from day one, but has decided I'm ok too. There's no question that he's a mommy's boy.
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Zed is a male, red-headed, Tri-Color Pembroke. My wife and I rescued him from a shelter in Gainsville, TX in May 2007 (He's an OLD man). Zed was picked up as a stray and had been at the shelter for a while. Once he came home he had some heartworm issues but he's all better now. He has been a great dog.

Zed is very people-centric and loves the ladies (human and K9). He's still a little skittish around men, but has opened up to a select few. He enjoys being outside but not when it is wet. He loves to play ball and going for walks in the park.

Zed gets along well with other dogs. He loves to wrestle with his german shepherd cousins at family gatherings. He ranges from indifferent to interested in cats, depending on if the cat seems scared of him or not. His general rule of thumb with other animals is, if it runs from me I will chase it (especially if it is a squirrel).

Zed is getting better about having his picture taken. He does not like the camera and knows when you're trying to take a picture of him. You have to catch him on one of his good days to avoid the dreaded pout.
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  • Joey Nolegs Gilbert

    We just saw Dr Barker and she is amazing! We won't go back to Dr Beal again. Thank you!!!!
  • Paige and Baxter

    Hi there!
    Baxter was a "rescue" too!
  • Suneera and Emmy

    We haven't met Zed yet! Let me know if you end up going to Wiggly anytime soon. We try to go every day but we don't always make it.