Paisley seems to love to play soccer, or at least a variation of the game. She frolics around with a tennis ball in her mouth, sometimes it's her stuffed squeaky carrot, and proceeds to play soccer with her other tennis ball. She bats that ball with her front paws all over the house, just kicking and chasing. One tennis ball never leaving her mouth, the other rolling along as she chases on. She desires no interference on her chases and will grumble loudly until you give back her modified soccer ball.

Then, when she's decided the game needs to up the ante, she "kicks" the ball down the stairs. Watches as it bounces down each step. Then she will toss the ball from her mouth down the steps in the same manner, happy to watch the progress and bounces.

The flaw in her plan? She's still scared of going down our hard wood steps! Then the whining starts. The little cries of "help, get my ball" begins. Once the tennis balls are retrieved, she tosses them back down the steps, one at a time! Paisley gives a triumphant look of "I knew I could make you get the ball" before sauntering off to play with another toy.


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