1 year old male welsh corgi needs a good home in southwest missouri area.

We live in Joplin Missouri and since the tornado we have had a hard time finding a place for my little male corgi. He is bouncing from house to house and needs a yard and a loving family. Everyone rental place we have found does not accept pets. We do not want to get rid of him AT ALL, but i have nowhere for him at this time. He is good with kids (I have 2 and 5 year old boys). He is also good with other dogs. Very playful, housebroken, and has gotten out of the puppy phase of chewing up my shoes (haha). Very loving dog, if anyone knows of someone that will love him as much as we do please let me know. I also crate him, and that is included to his new owners.


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Can't help, but I'm very sorry you need to place your dog.  :-(     I understand your position must be difficult, with all the displaced people there.  Hope you find a good situation for him.  Do you know someone who might foster him just till you get back on your feet?  Just a thought, might not be practical.

I have tried  local groomers, dog kennels, and the humane society. they are overran with dogs due to this very situation. I have had several people contact me but they want puppies. in due time i will find him a family...we are staying positive but he doesnt deserve the way he is having to live right now, hes too good of a dog!  thank you for the advice, i never thought about finding a foster family. definately something i need to check into.

We had someone here who had a fellow MyCorgi person foster her dogs while she had an upheaval of some sort.  Again, you have my sympathy.  I have seen some of the news from Joplin and can't imagine what it's like to be there. 

Hi Chrissy, Unfortunately I am in Florida and can't take another dog right now, but I just wanted to wish you luck.  It sounds like you really love your dog and are having to make a difficult decision to do what's best for him.  Hopefully someone on mycorgi can help you out.  Again, best of luck to you.

Chrissy, I'm very interested in helping you out. I live in Memphis and help rescue corgis, and a friend who fostered for me recently was really interested in finding a forever dog. Would you mind emailing or texting me more about your boy? My email is 23spades@gmail.com and my phone number is 5405609021. I hope to hear from you soon.


Hi Chrissy,

I am in Washington State, which I know is quite far.  I have fostered dogs and just recently had another foster adopted so I currently don't have any.  I also am not interested in adopting any more at this time.  I'd probably be willing to foster your dog for half a year to a year (have some additional questions for you) and then return your dear Bentley back to you.  I am not sure if that gives you enough time to find a more permanent place.  Feel free to email me dichang9 at gmail if you think this might be practical.

How long will it be before you get settled where you can keep him?

Posted this to "Corgi Rescues of America" on Facebook.  Here are the responses so far...

  • Whitney Hamm ‎:( I'm in Joplin. I would love to help if I can. I can always help transport.
  • Kayla Cline I may know someone in Memphis looking... Whitney Hamm, if there is someone interested would you be able to transport to Memphis or meet halfway?
  • Whitney Hamm Yes, I definately meet halfway, Kayla Cline.
  • Kayla Cline Ok, I'll keep you posted as to what she says and if they get in contact with me. I left the poster my email and number! FINGERS CROSSED that this is the guy for my friend.
  • Casey Blaze Bevis I have a friend that lives in Joplin...I sent her the link she already has a female corgi..she might be interested... ~April~
  • Linda Szymanski I have applied for membership to MyCorgi but it will take awhile before I can get accepted. If someone would contact this owner I will take this Corgi. They can take him to Golden Paw boarding where I have an account. Please have them call me so I can make the arrangements. 307-322-8158
  • Kayla Cline Casey and Linda, I'd like to see if it would work out for my friend first. She doesn't have a dog and has been looking for a while now.

Yup, I'm Kayla. I'd really like to see it work out for my friend, she would be a great fit for a younger dog--TONS of attention would be lavished upon him!

Hi, I am Linda Moore, and have PSC Welsh Corgis Rescue in St. Louis. I cover Missouri. I have taken several little ones from the Joplin area. We have room and would be happy to take the little guy into our rescue. Please email to Corgisandclaire@gmail.com   Our website is www.petssecondchance.org. Thank you.

I live in Joplin as well and would be happy to foster or help anyway I can.
I can take him and keep him as long as you need, but I live 8 hrs away. I could meet you half way if you wanted. And I take lots of pics to keep you updated!


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