Saw this on Craigslist .. sadly, I can't take on another dog.

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I'm trying to think if there's anyone I can email on this...I'm sure I will come up with some!

Yay! Jane to the rescue! 

I did send an email to Livvy's breeder. I do not believe she has any pups and she has many people who might want an older dog...not that she's that old! She usually has a list of people who want dogs other than pups...or at least she used to.

Might think of some more I can email also.


Such a sweet face. I've got two and too far away as well.

sent to 8 more people...will do more later!

Thank you!  Hopefully she will find a good home with someone who knows how to care for corgis, it's so sad when someone just gives away their dog like that.

awww, I wish my brother in law didnt just adopt a dog from a shelter, maybe they could have gotten her.  They ended up rescuing a terrier mix, kinda surprised they didn't get another corgi.

Our corgi obssesion started after meeting their pembroke years ago, who just recently passed away.


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